List of Top 10 Lacrosse Brands And Companies

There are a bunch of companies and brands that are involved in manufacturing Lacrosse equipment. However, only a few of them are capable to produce the best quality products for their users.

The main purpose of writing this article is to tell you about those major brands and companies. Brands that have gained the trust and respect of people across the globe. So, let’s discuss the list of such brands.

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List of the Top 10 Lacrosse brands:

1: Gait Lacrosse

Gary and Paul Gait are the namesakes of Gait Lacrosse. There is a great deal of significance attached to its name to many lacrosse fans, and it has a large following. It was in 2015.

 The brand was discontinued by Gait’s parent company Jarden. Under Paul Gait’s guidance, Gait has recently relaunched its products and returned to the lacrosse market. For many years, Gary and Paul Gait have been associated with the name Gait. 

Therefore, it is only fitting that they take over to carry on the legacy of this lacrosse brand which has a long history. There is no doubt that Gary Gait was one of the greatest lacrosse players that ever lived.

2: Under Armor

Lacrosse is becoming an increasingly important part of the Under Armour brand. In its first appearance on the field, Under Armour Lacrosse will debut. The 2017 season of lacrosse will feature a complete set of cleats.

Under Armour brand, cleats will be worn by players like Pat Meyers. In addition, other players will use the team’s new cleats in order to participate in the game. Check out the Peter Barton Lacrosse for those who are looking for a lacrosse cleat that will last a long time. 

Designed in New Zealand from merino wool, all of these garments are vegan. They are therefore of high quality. Naturally, Peter Barton is known for more than just that. Their products are suitable for children of all ages. Clothing, soft cleats, and shin guards are among their products.

3: Cascade Lacrosse

In addition to sticks, headbands, bags, and other items that assist in getting ready for a game, Cascade Lacrosse manufactures a variety of other products. The company has been around for quite some time. The Cascade Series is also available in its design. 

As an extension of a separate sports line known for its apparel and gear, Fox Head Lacrosse started as a lacrosse line. A Disney contract was signed recently. 

It was founded by two friends who wanted to make a real lacrosse stick Spalding Lacrosse was founded. Over the years, they have continued to manufacture lacrosse sticks, other gear, and other items. It is worth noting that this lacrosse brand is one of the top sellers of women’s equipment.

4: Nike

It has been a long time since Nike has been associated with lacrosse. A majority of the iconic lacrosse sticks of the 1980s were produced by them. At the time, low-cost, high-quality sticks contributed to the sport’s popularity.

Additionally, they possess a couple of signature lacrosse sticks. There are two kinds of OLY Fly knit Pros available: the OLY 3+ and the OLY Fly knit Pro. They manufacture a variety of sports merchandise as well. 

Lacrosse products have been produced by the pilot for some time. Their apparel line includes T-shirts, hats, and bags. Also, available are headwear items such as cleats and gloves. 

As well as offering great prices, the company also offers excellent customer service. In addition to selling at lacrosse stores, they also sell online. You must order online at their website if you are searching for the best lacrosse stick.

5: Epoch

A lacrosse brand that prides itself on using the highest quality materials to produce unique designs is Epoch.

 In addition to offering many customization options, they are a relatively new lacrosse brand, founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2011. For men’s and women’s lacrosse, Epoch offers a variety of heads, shafts, mesh, and protective equipment.

 Their goal is to develop and produce performance-based equipment of the highest quality. This brand is used by a wide range of players, including one of the leading lacrosse professional scorers in the Premier Lacrosse League. 

There is no doubt that this lacrosse brand will remain in the lacrosse market for some time to come.

6: Adidas

This brand is worn by some of the most exciting players. The reason for this is that they produce some of the highest quality products. Additionally, the team looks fantastic in it. You should be familiar with some of these Adidas-wearing players.

 Ontario Revolution Celtics Lacrosse Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse Players to watch with Adidas Cody Jamieson Jake Haigh Eric Law Eric Klenko John Grant Jr. Henry West Matt Everdick Great player. 

Off the field, he was also an excellent individual. Thus, when it came to the brand, he had a quote that he used. I am always talking about their gear. On the field, they have a fantastic group of young players with a great deal of talent.

7: Brine Brand

A manufacturer of top quality, sleek, and flexible lacrosse sticks, Brine sells lacrosse sticks of the highest quality. You will be amazed by the two lacrosse sticks that Brine produces each week. 

The pace might seem excessive, but these are stick-makers for a reason. Among the top brands, brine manufactures lacrosse sticks with a diameter of up to five inches. There are four types of lacrosse sticks.

 The brand brine also dominates the market for lacrosse sticks. In addition to Hagens, there are many other manufacturers of lacrosse sticks.

 The Hagens lacrosse sticks have a silky smooth touch and are suitable for any position on the field. Its best feature is its high quality construction. The blade and shaft shapes of the lacrosse sticks are perfect.

8: Warrior

There is no doubt that Warriors is the largest brand of lacrosse in the world. There is a wide variety of lacrosse sticks available from them. Typically, they produce high-quality sticks. Sticks of high quality must be available to the children. 

Brother Hockey is a recommended source for lacrosse equipment. It is common for new sticks to be manufactured every year. It is possible to purchase them either online or in person. Stick sticks are one of their most popular products. However, they offer several other products as well.

 There is a good selection of lacrosse sticks and lacrosse gear available at Lax life. There has been a long history of their presence on the market. Especially for kids, they make great products.

Furthermore, they have even sponsored lacrosse teams throughout the country. Another brand of lacrosse equipment is Under Armour. Every age group can find lacrosse sticks made by them that are of good quality.

9: STX Lacrosse

My favorite brand of lacrosse is STX Lacrosse. The company uses quality materials and constructs everything in-house. They also have an extensive collection of sticks, balls, and shorts.

 You don’t see sticks made in the United States very often. Buy now ESPN Goliath Lacrosse One of the best brands coming from a major media outlet is ESPN Goliath Lacrosse. Featuring a premium finish and made from premium materials, these sticks are of the highest quality.

Most sticks are designed to meet the player’s specifications. Additionally, they offer a great online and retail store. You can purchase SKLZ Lacrosse Products on your way to practice and on your way to the game. 

The company offers a wide variety of lacrosse sticks and has an excellent mobile application. I recommend that you take a look at it.

10: Maverik Lacrosse

Maverik Lacrosse has established itself as a leader in the lacrosse industry. The well-known and well-established brand offers several excellent features. A lacrosse net with the best mesh or balls that will help your athletes improve.

 There is no doubt that Maverik Lacrosse products are of great quality and reliable. The Lacrosse Shop, Toys R Us, and Walmart sell them. If you are looking for durable, affordable lacrosse gear, Sports Nuts Lacrosse is the right choice. 

There is no difference in quality between the items. A soft, durable, high-quality fabric makes it easy to clean. If you desire something a little different, lacrosse sticks are the right choice. Boys and girls alike will enjoy the nuts brand.


Does brine make a good lacrosse brand?

Here you will find the top brands of lacrosse equipment. In addition to STX, Brine, Warrior, Cascade, and Maverik, we carry all the highest quality products.

What kind of lacrosse sticks does Nike make?

Take your game to the next level with the Nike Vapor Pro Complete Lacrosse Stick. Featuring professional mesh and an optimal offset that creates a mid-pocket, this head embraces versatility and can stand up to the toughest games.

Was Brine purchased by a warrior?

In 2007, Warrior Sports acquired Brine to add a women’s product line to its portfolio, Warrior Sports CEO Cindy Abbott said.


The lacrosse brands have gained huge popularity amongst lacrosse fans. People are eager to find out the best brand that can produce the perfect quality lacrosse equipment.

For this purpose, we have written this article in which we told you all about the best brands. That can produce products and items related to this sport. It does not matter what would be the best brand, because they all are unique for this purpose.

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