The Best Ping Pong Machines for All-Around Practice in 2023

I have tested and going to review of best Ping Pong machines for all around practice. As we all know the ping pong table game is famous all across the world. You always need a partner to play this game. Who plays an important part in the whole gameplay by acting as the opposition.

But sometimes due to the unavailability of that partner. You can play this game because it is a two-man game. Therefore, with the help of science and technology, we came across the manufacture and use of robots.

These robots which are auto machines play as a player on your opposite end. Allowing you to practice and sharpen your skills at any time. These advanced machines are made up of high-quality materials. 

It is for this reason that people from all over the world invest so much in them. These machines are of various features. That is why they cost a lot. Mostly, professional players use these machines to practice more and more every day.

The best robotic machines for this purpose have been carefully chosen by us. To make your choice easier. To make your choice easier. This helps you to enhance your ping pong table abilities to a high level.

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The Top 6 Best Ping Pong Machines for All Around Practice

1. Butterfly amicus prime table tennis robot

  • The material used; are mesh, and plastic.
  • The weight of these robots; is 20 pounds.
  • The dimension of these machines; are ‎13 x 10 x 31 inches.
  • The warranty is up; to 3 years.

Additional features: they have black color, and they have a capacity of 120 balls.

The Butterfly amicus prime robots provide you with the best gaming experience. There is no time limit on them. You can attach them to the ping-pong tables whenever you like. 

They are always bound to give you the perfect gameplay. You can also remove them very easily from the tables at any time. These robotic machines act as a carrier or storage. They can store up to 120 balls at one time.

To assemble these machines, you can also take instructions from the robot guru. These robots are placed on 3 wheels. Moreover, they have a fantastic wireless Bluetooth service.

This allows you to control these machines from everywhere, near them. You can also control their ball throwing features from this wireless connection. Along with this, the amicus app is also used to control their functions.

This type of robot can easily become your partner in the gameplay. These can help you in enhancing your experience and passion for this game. The ball setting feature is also installed in these brilliant robots.

Most people appreciate their ability to easily attach and remove them. While the thing that upsets people is their high price. As these machines cost you a lot.


  • These have a capacity of storing 120 balls.
  • They provide the best spins for the balls.
  • Attaching and removing them from the tables is easy.


  • These are very costly.

2. Ipong original table tennis trainer robots

  • The dimension of these machines; are 11 x 11 x 18.75 inches.
  • The weight of these machines; is 2.5 pounds.
  • The material used; is plastic.
  • The frame of these; is plastic.

Additional features: they have a capacity of 110 balls, and these have a frequency of 12-70 balls per mint.

The ipong original table tennis trainer robot acts as the perfect trainer for any ping pong player. Fast and easy assembly is a hallmark of these machines. Therefore, there is no time required to fix them and then play.

Within seconds, you can enjoy your best gaming experience. Talking about their capacity, these robots can hold up to 110 balls at one time. They also have a ball throwing feature which is controlled by a remote device.

These remotes can adjust the features of this machine from anywhere near it. This allows you to control the pace at which the incoming balls are released. Such as their topspin or backspin. 

These robots are very light in weight. Moreover, they have additional features that come with them. Such as their ball-picking net and holding stand. These machines are pretty affordable, which makes them a good choice.


  • These are quite affordable.
  • They are very light in weight.
  • They have a remote control feature.


  • These machines jam sometimes during the gameplay.

3. Ipong trainer motion robots

  • The dimension of these machines; is ‎12.25 x 12.25 x 11.5 inches.
  • The weight of these robots; is 2.8 kg.
  • They have a capacity of; 100+ balls.
  • Their warranty is up; to 1 year.

Additional features: they have a wireless control feature, and their color is usually black.

These Chinese-manufactured machines are known as one of the best in the whole world. These are quite expensive. But with the price, various features are also provided to the customers.

These robots are quite small and lightweight machines. They are also controlled by a wireless connection. That is responsible for the frequency, speed, and movement of the balls.

With the help of these remotes, we can also control the topspin and backspin of the balls. The balls which are used in these machines are about 40 mm. Many of them are modern plastic balls.

They are also equipped with pickup nets, which makes them even more useful. That also contains 80 balls. While the problem that most people face is the jamming problem of these machines.


  • These have a large capacity of balls.
  • They have their pickup net.
  • They include a wireless remote control feature.


  • These machines sometimes jam during gameplay.

4. ZXMOTO table tennis robots

  • The capacity of these machines; is 120 balls.
  • These machines provide, 9 kinds of spin.
  • The speed of the balls is 4-40 m/s.
  • The frequency of these robots is 30-80 balls/mint.

Additional features: these machines are only produced by ZXMOTO.

These robotic machines that are produced by this brand are mostly used for beginners. While the professional players also take an interest in them. These machines can carry 120 balls at the same time.

This type of machine is also controlled by wired features. These machines can be controlled and adjusted with this cable because of its length. The wire can even be used to control the ball’s spin.

These robots can be easily assembled over the tables. While their removal process is also very simple. These can also allow the table to show its flexibility. The balls in this machine are about 40 mm.

The best thing about these machines is that you can easily set them up by taking the instructions from the machine itself. While the thing that most upsets people is that they are not good at professional levels.


  • These are easy to assemble.
  • These have a very high capacity, up to 120 balls.
  • Your ball spins will be the best with them.


  • These are quite slow for professional players.

5. Suz S201 Table Tennis Robot 

  • The dimension of these machines; is 34.65 x 16.14 x 15.75 inches.
  • The material used; is plastic.
  • The capacity of balls; is 120 balls.
  • The frequency of the machine; is 30-80 per minute.

Additional features: the color of these robots is black.

These robotic machines are considered to be the most affordable machines for ping pong tables. These even have a ball recycler. Thus, from them, you can easily get a machine with a lot of features at a good price.

These machines also have a wired feature. That allows you to control the ball from everywhere near these balls. This type of robot is used for beginners because they have side nets with them.

Therefore, beginners do not have to worry about the pickup and reloading of the balls. These are very simple to arrange. It takes only a few minutes to set up these machines and get them ready to play.

You get extra features with these machines at a normal price. These fantastic machines are being purchased all over the world because for this reason.

It is very affordable to buy these machines. It is, therefore, worthwhile to invest in these machines. The one thing that people do not like about these robots is that they also jam during gameplay.


  • These are quite affordable.
  • They are very easy to set.
  • These have their nets present with them.


  • These machines also suffer from jam problems.

6. Newgy Robo-pong 2040+ table robots

  • The dimensions of these machines; are ‎38.58 x 16.93 x 15.75 inches.
  • The weight of these robots; is 16 pounds.
  • The material used; is plastic.
  • They have a capacity of; 80 balls.

Additional features: the ball recycler is present, and side nets are also present.

Among all robotic machines available on the market, these machines have the best price-to-performance ratio. These consists of 120 balls that provide you with a nonstop gaming experience.

It is used daily for practice. Especially by professional players. As it has several brilliant features. They have a net on each side that catches the ball during the play.

They also have a connecting wire that is responsible for controlling the whole machine. The machines are thus better than humans at playing the game.

This machine has 48 balls of its own, which makes it a good choice for players. Many people are upset by the fact that these machines are not designed for the use of beginners.


  • These robots are quite simple to set.
  • The speed of the balls from the machines can be controlled.
  • They have their own 48 balls.


  • These are not built for beginners.

Main things to consider:

Now, if you have decided that you are, go buy a robot. Then you already know about the important features that we told you about these machines. Let our buying guide help you in choosing the best machine for you.

So that you can practice every day and sharpen your skills to a higher level. Below you will find all the information you need.

Buying these robots requires you to know the following features:

Many features play an important part in the function of these machines. Below are a few of the most important features.

1. The capacity of the machines

Each robotic machine can carry numerous balls in it. These machines do vary in the number of balls to each other. However, the maximum number of balls that a machine has is 120 balls.

This feature helps you to continue the whole gameplay for a long time. Further, there is no need to pick up and reload the balls. The machine has a wide net that catches the balls.

2. Speed of the balls 

Different speeds are used to shoot the balls from the machine. The speed of these balls is very important for the players. Especially for the beginning players.

The maximum speed of these balls is approximately from 4-40 m/s. However, this speed feature is also controllable in the gameplay. Wireless or wired remotes control the speed.

3. Prices 

Talking about the prices, different robotic machines have different prices. They can be quite expensive in some cases. It is still quite affordable for most of them. It is still quite affordable for most of them. Even some of them have some extra features at a normal price.

Therefore, you need to do research before spending your money on anything. This will help you to get the best item present in the whole market at a cheap price.


Can the table tennis robot help you in improving your skills?

Yes, the table tennis robot can help us in improving our skills to a higher level. Because it has all the features that are required to do so.

What is the max size of the ping pong balls used at international levels?

The maximum size of the ping pong table balls that are used at international levels is approximately 40 mm.

How much time is required to set up a robotic machine on the table?

The maximum time that is required to set up a machine on the table for proper playing is about 10 minutes. This time can be less if you become an expert at this setup.

What is the best robotic machine for playing ping pong?

The Power Pong Omega is said to be the best machine for playing ping pong. Beginners are always advised to use it for that reason.


As of now, you have successfully reached the end of this article. We provided you with our best information for completely free. It is now up to you what product would you like to buy.

For you to develop the best skills in playing ping pong games. So that you can enhance your experience and could take part in tournaments all across the world.

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