What Is the Difference Between Billiards vs Pool vs Snooker?

The main difference between billiards vs Pool vs Snooker is, that you could believe that Pool, Snooker, and Billiards are similar games, but the truth is different. This post will be presenting a quick comparison between Pool Vs. Snooker Vs. Billiards.

So, you can comprehend the fundamental distinctions that exist between these games. These games feature various kinds of tables, ball frequencies, and pockets. That set them apart from one another.

We will make a basic comparison making it easy to grasp for the majority of pool table players out there. The essay is also a fantastic resource for learning purposes.

Differences Between Pool Games | Pool Vs. Snooker Vs. Billiards

We have lately analyzed the greatest pool break cues, as well as the professional-grade pool table, and felts that are now available. 

However, before you start employing specialist goods, you first need to get familiar with the fundamental distinctions that exist between the top three most popular variations of this game. Now that we’ve established that, let’s go on to the aspects of these three significant games that set them apart from one another.

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Elements Common To Each Of The Three Games

The components of a game are all the things that are needed by the participants before they can begin playing. We are going to make an effort to cover all aspects of the games that are being compared.

Components of Pool:

A pool table will typically have 6 pockets, however, the total number of balls that are played with is undetermined. In a standard game of pool, there are typically sixteen balls in play. There are eight balls, all of which are the same color, and they are numbered from one to eight. In addition to that, there will be balls that have seven stripes on them.

After the other fifteen balls in the game of pool, the cue ball is the sixteenth and last ball to be played. The stripes have a range of nine to fifteen in total. The brand of the company that made the pool tables gives each table its own distinct appearance and level of excellence. These components are essential for playing a game of pool.

Components of Snooker:

Compared to pool, this game makes use of a greater number of balls. When it comes to drawing a comparison line between these famous games. This is the most important difference that you should keep in mind. Snooker is played using a total of 22 balls, one of which is referred to as the “Striker ball.”

The remaining balls each consist of one of the following colors. Yellow, blue, brown, pink, black, green, and fifteen different shades of red. A game of snooker makes use of each and every one of these balls. These days, the tables are often much bigger than the pool tables were back in the day. They contain six pockets, the same number as is seen in pool tables.

On a snooker table, each individual pocket is far smaller than those seen on pool tables. The players are able to recognize variations in the tables’ structure that are caused by the use of different brands and techniques of processing.

Components Of Billiards:

Out of the three games, billiards is the only one that requires a comparatively little amount of equipment. You merely need a table that doesn’t come with any pockets and just three balls to play with in this version of the game. That is among the easiest game configurations you can obtain on a famous game like pool. Which is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

One of the balls is entirely white, while the other two are yellow and red respectively. The white ball is used as the striker ball in this instance of the game. As soon as you get familiar with the laws of the game of billiards. You will be able to comprehend the role that this ball plays.

The Guidelines For Each Of The Three Games

You will have a much easier time comprehending the distinctions between the three games if we discuss the rules of each one when we compare pool, snooker, and pool in this article.

Players are responsible for ensuring that they are familiar with the rules of all of the games in the pool tournament. The degree of difficulty varies from one of these games to the next. And some of them are considered to be really easy. Therefore, it will not be feasible to describe the rules of all of the games under the pool heading.

Let’s have a conversation about the guidelines that govern the regular pool game that we play. The players finish setting up the match and decide on a point total that constitutes a victory for whichever of the two competitors reaches it first. They must pocket any ball that is still on the table and continue to accumulate points until they reach the winning score.


The guidelines may also be interpreted in the other direction. Players are required to put the balls that have been called into their pockets at this point. Players also have the ability to establish a winning bar and call pockets. When it comes to playing pool, there are a few different sets of rules.

Players are required to set up two frames before the start of the match according to the rules of the game of snooker. Players are required to rack up additional points by making contact with the cue ball while hitting the red balls. There is a considerable difference in the number of points earned for pocketing red balls as opposed to other colored balls.

When playing the match, each time you pocket a red ball, you are awarded one point. Two points are awarded to the players for successfully pocketing the yellow ball. Three points for the green ball, and four points for the brown ball. Similarly, a ball that is blue in hue awards you five points. A ball that is pink awards you six points, and a ball that is black awards you seven points.

You must pocket the correct ball at the specified moment of the turn; else. You will be penalized with a foul for pocketing the incorrect ball. If you pocket the incorrect ball, for instance, you will not get any points in exchange for your shot. Therefore, this is how the point game in snooker is played.

Rules In Billiards

Before we get into the specifics of how to play billiards, let’s discuss the overall purpose of the game. The objective of the players is to rack up as many points as possible by pocketing as many balls as they can with the cue ball. Which they do by making connections between the cue ball and the other two balls that are on the table.

When players are attempting to rack up points. They must make use of both their cue sticks and their cue balls. According to the regulations, the winner of the match is the player who accumulates the most amount of points during the competition.

FAQs Regarding Different Pool Games

What’s the difference between snooker and pool when it comes to billiards?

A significant distinction may be made between these three well-known games, despite the fact that there are a great many more distinctions to be made between them.

Every game has a variable quantity and quality of balls, both of which contribute to the game’s easily recognizable individuality.

Billiards and pool — are they the same game?

Originally, the term “billiards” referred to a more specialized version of the game known as “carom billiards,” which had a distinct level of play.

The fact that many players consider them to be the same game is not accurate. As a result, they are often mistaken for one another, despite the fact that they are fundamentally distinct in many respects.

Is it more difficult to play snooker than pool?

The majority of players think that the game of snooker is more difficult to play than the game of pool, which is much simpler. Snooker is a game that is played on a bigger table and has a greater variety of balls than the pool does.

When we speak about snooker, the margin for mistake is not that large. Due to the reduced size of the pockets, more mental attention is required when playing the game. Therefore, snooker is a more challenging game than pool.

Billiards has a total of how many balls?

The total number of balls in the game is 22, and the cue ball, which is white, is the most important one. The setup begins with 15 red-hued balls, then moves on to the colored balls in descending order. The amount of points gained is not constant and varies according to the ball that is now in your pot.


Three of the most popular games in the world of sports—pool, snooker, and pool—are being compared here. Billiards, snooker, and pool are all considered to be in the same family. Even these games are categorized in some way before they are played.

However, it is difficult to explain the majority of the games in a single piece of writing. Therefore, being familiar with the fundamental game rules. And mechanics will assist in the development of a deeper comprehension of each game that is being discussed.

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