How to play better on the Grass Courts – Expert’s Advice

Few young players have experienced grass courts. Instead, they usually play on hard or clay courts which require little maintenance. Hence, we will learn more about playing on grass courts. A grass-court represents a tennis court that requires constant attention.

It is common for professional players to play on grass courts. If we lay down on grass courts as opposed to other surfaces, playing patterns are very different. Furthermore, bounces on grass courts tend to be unpredictable at the same time.

One thing however is certain, grass courts have a much faster ball speed in comparison to hard or clay courts. In fact, this is one of the essential characteristics of grass courts. It is therefore essential that you learn the best methods for improving your game on grass courts.

A professional’s guide to playing tennis on grass courts

Tennis rackets and tennis balls of the highest quality are required to perform well on a grass court. What else is needed? To play better on a grass court, you should also adopt specific strategies. Please find them below!

Try Slices

The practice of slicing is a great way to surprise your adversaries. Grass courts are an ideal surface for this technique. Players should try this technique as close to the net as possible. It is common on grass courts for players to play through passes.

The grass court can present players with a surprising slice opportunity when playing deep. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, the players must approach the baseline. For the slicing shot, they will therefore need to approach the net area.

The slicing shot caused trouble for the opposition. There was a slight touch originating from just above the net. Consequently, the opponent is less likely to be able to reach the ball before the second bounce.

In grass courts, this creates an extremely clever strategy. As a result, players must have agility and quickness in order to practice slices on grass courts. To maintain a good balance in your body, you must be wearing top-rated tennis shoes.

The Unpredictability Of Grass Courts

The maintenance requirements for grass courts are higher when compared to clay courts, for example. The lack of popularity of grass courts today can also be attributed to this factor. The work required to complete them is enormous, and this is the reason why they are so limited.

To handle the uncertainty of grass courts, players need to be agile and active. On the top surface of these grass courts, there may be many bumps. Most players become confused and wander away from the main game because of this. Thus, to play on grass tennis courts, the players must be well prepared.

When playing on these types of courts, players should always be prepared to take on different shots. Practicing and acquiring expertise are necessary. To prepare for this uncertain surface, you should practice well. In order to accomplish that, you should buy a quality tennis ball machine.

Speed Management

On grass courts, the ball has a tendency to skid off quickly when compared to other surfaces and players are required to learn how to predict the timing of each ball. You can be more comfortable on the grass surface by demonstrating the bounce and timing of the ball.

Another distinction of this surface is its color. Balls tend to stay low on the surface and move at a faster pace than on most courts. This describes how to approach grass courts more effectively. As the ball moves across the surface, it remains low to the ground for a considerable period of time.

Players on grass courts must remain active and sharp in order to succeed. The game is shorter and more fast-paced than on hard courts. The players must be able to select shots consistently, with the increased speed available to them.

The power of serving

On grass courts, the best way to enhance your tennis game is with solid serves. A powerful serve allows your opponent to react much more quickly. A fast ball on grass makes it easier for your opponent to react.

However, the players should learn the precise and accurate techniques necessary to shoot on opponents with their serves. First of all, the players must assess the conditions, and then they will be able to determine the best starting strategy.

If you wish to overwhelm your opponent, your service must be quick and strong. If you do so, you will surely be in a strong position in the game. This can, however, cause enormous vibrations. In order to avoid such vibrations, you can install a vibration dampener on your racket.

Playing the mind game

When playing on grass, you need to have a sharp mental attitude. In contrast to other tennis courts, the time required to play on this court is shorter. Therefore, there is typically a need to impose sudden changes in the game.

It is a more enjoyable game if there are more surprises. Your opponent can be limited to some extent. However, this can only be accomplished with quick and flattened returns. The tennis court area should be given more space.

Throughout the game, quick response action plays a significant role. Therefore, players must make quicker and better shot decisions for them to succeed.


Another major factor contributing to poor performance is insufficient fitness. Even professionals who possess skilled abilities are constantly practicing. By practicing frequently, you can develop your stamina and ultimately increase your performance on the field.

Thus, if you plan on playing on a speed grass court, you will need to practice more. The practice may even enable you to choose better shots and improve them accordingly. Start practicing tennis in your backyard by installing a top-rated mini tennis net.

In spite of playing on grass, playing on the surface requires great strength and consistency. It is more likely that players who are consistent will be the ones to win. These players are those who have developed stamina over time.

Body Movement

A grassy court has a different type of pace and surface impact as compared to other types of tennis courts. In this case, the players are not required to slide their feet to reach for the ball. Additionally, the quick and sharp movements of the body, as well as the balance of the feet, are crucial.

Along with this, the player’s feet are often noticed sprinting, but keep in mind that slipping on grass can cause serious injury. The players should be attentive and firm during the stopping position while keeping in mind the quick response of the grass court.

In addition, it is very important to maintain a light foot placement so you can easily cover the ball strike on a grass court. The best-rated women’s tennis shoes can definitely assist in improving your movement if you are a woman.

Timing Of The Racket

The grassy court has a relatively shorter time period for moving the ball than the other courts. Due to this, players must have a backup racket position to deal with the ball as it comes faster.

Furthermore, a tip here would be to ensure that the racket is not pulled too far back in the back position; rather, make a comfortable and manageable angle. It is certainly possible to obtain a faster racket swing by using some top-rated Volkl tennis rackets.

A Point To Notice

With a grass court, the players always encounter unpredictable bounces on the ball. It is not uncommon for players to become confused as a result of an irregular bounce when striking the ball.

It is, however, necessary to prepare for something unexpected to happen at some point in the future. It is advantageous for the players to be able to shoot the ball bouncy, and for the second point to have less bounce.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grass Court Performance

What are the strategies for winning on grass?

A few easy and simple tips to help you win at grass tennis. The first tip is to always take the ball when you can. Additionally, you should practice hitting low shots. Finally, simplify your points as much as possible. A fourth thing to consider is that playing on grass is similar to playing on clay or hard surfaces. The fifth and most important thing to do if the surface is fast is to shorten your backswing.

Are grass courts suitable for playing tennis?

The original name of this sport was “lawn tennis” and it is one of the types of tennis courts available to play tennis on. Despite being a more traditional type of court, grass courts are very difficult to maintain and have a high maintenance cost.

What is the difference between a grass court and a hard court?

Upon impact with a high-friction surface, the bottom of the ball slows down more than its top, causing it to spin suddenly. Grass courts are quicker than hard courts because they have a lower angle, however, hard courts tend to have a faster post-bounce speed.

What is the maintenance process for a grass tennis court?

Playing on grass is an enjoyable experience. Nevertheless, natural grass or turf courts are very rare in the United States. There are fewer than 500 of these in the entire country. This is primarily due to the difficulty of maintaining and constructing grass courts.


Therefore, we have presented all of the possible methods of playing on grass courts that you can follow. Players must be careful in the placement of their feet and in their body positions. MFurthermore, the racket’s backing plays an important role on grassy courts due to the fast ball working.

Aside from this, as we have discussed earlier, the grassy court can be unpredictable as well as inconsistent in bounce. Before approaching the shot, the player’s mind must be attentive and flexible. Furthermore, we should place light foot placements on the grassy court rather than sliding.

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