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A net worth of $70 million dollars is attributed to American professional basketball player Mike Conley. In the 2007 NBA draft, Conley was selected fourth overall by the Memphis Grizzlies.

As of 2016, his contract was the biggest in NBA history with a $153 million value. The next season, he earned $26 million instead of $9.5 million. Ahead of the 2018 season, his salary surpassed $30 million.

Net Worth:$70 Million
Born:October 11, 1987
Height:1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional NBA Player

During the early years

He was born in Arkansas on the 11th of October, 1987.

In four years as the starting point guard at Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis, Conley helped guide the team to three consecutive state championships as well as an overall record of 103–7. 

It was Conley’s teammate Greg Oden who won the national player of the year award, beating out Conley in votes.


Daequan Cook and Greg Oden have also declared for the NBA draft as part of the Buckeye team. Conley’s father, who was certified as an NBA agent before the season, represented Conley and Oden. 

When the Los Angeles Lakers defeated Conley 98–96 on November 30, he scored a season-high 28 points.

The Grizzlies beat the Philadelphia 76ers 120–115 in overtime in 2014 thanks to Conley’s career-high 36 points. In the Western Conference, the Grizzlies finished as the fifth seed and again made the playoffs. 

He resigned from the Grizzlies on July 14, 2016. According to reports, he has signed a five-year contract worth $153 million, which is the biggest deal by total value ever signed by an NBA player. As a part of a 111–107 win over the Los Angeles Clippers, he scored 30 points and hit seven three-pointers, tying a career-high.

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Income and net worth of Mike Conley

The NBA’s record-breaking contract was signed by Mike in 2016. By 2020, it won’t even be among the top 20. It’s worth $153 million.

In 2015, he earned $9.5 million in annual salary, which is now supported by the contract. In 2015, it reached $26 million, and in 2018, it reached $30 million.

Additionally, Mike currently ranks in 11th place among the league’s best-paid players due to significant improvements in his playing style.

He was one of the highest-paid players while playing for the Utah Jazz, earning $32 million annually.

Also, through endorsements with Nike’s Jordan, Toyota Motor, and Vivint Smart Home, Conley earns nearly $1 million.

Apparently, Mike has equity stakes or bonds as a source of funding. As well as increasing his value as a player and as a brand, his achievements and awards also add to his value as a person.

The House and Cars of Mike Conley


mike conley net worth and house

Approximately 6,656 square feet of the estate is owned by the players. The mansion is worth $1.13 million.

Similarly, the Utah Jazz rookie lives in a 7,100-square-foot mansion in Collierville.

Featuring an open and fully equipped kitchen and a spacious living room, the house gives a luxurious vibe. An outdoor pool with a hot tub and an open grill entertain guests at the mansion built in 2006. The mansion features four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and an outdoor pool with a hot tub. 

As the mansion is valued at $1.85 million, there are enough rooms for guests with luxury features.


mike conley net worth and car

The same kind of stuff goes for cars. Mark has a collection of luxury and global brands, like Maserati Quattroporte and Range Rover.

His collection also includes a Tesla Model S.

Lifestyle and Vacations by Mike Conley


Mike’s lifestyle is pretty luxurious thanks to the fact that he is one of the highest-paid basketball players in history. In the meantime, Mike was serious about his long hair fashion sense.

Mike dressed like Russell Westbrook in 2014 for Game 1 at the Chesapeake Bay Arena. Due to their unexpected dress sense, these two players attracted a lot of attention.

Furthermore, Mike loves fashion styles so much. Rajon Rondo’s short sleeves suit and Russell Westbrook’s chesty looks caught his attention while he wasn’t on the court.

Additionally, he wore the same sweater as the players and Balenciaga, which caught the attention of the audience and reporters.


Mary Peluso, Mike’s long-term girlfriend, was married on July 5, 2014. In addition to Myles Alex Conley, the couple has another child.


Whenever Mike gets away for vacation for a while, he usually disappears. Aside from Disneyland and the beach, Mike took his family on exotic vacations.

When Mike is not working, he spends most of his time with his family and maintaining a diet.


To reach the Utah Jazz players and coaches, Mike produced and released a short film titled ‘Two Distant Strangers.’

As for the short film, it joined the list of athletes who have won an Oscar.

Charity work by Mike Conley

Mike donated $200,000 to five different charities in five different states, taking into consideration unexpected circumstances such as a Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, people would be able to combat homelessness and food insecurity.

Kids have had the opportunity to learn with technology for so long with his donation. As a personal goal, Mike strives to ensure continuity in the education of kids.

As part of his contribution to the Methodist Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center in 2019, the player donated $500,000 to the hospital.

Investments and endorsements by Mike Conley

The endorsements he made for various brands contributed significantly to Mike Conley’s net worth. Jordan, a Nike subsidiary, was one of the most recent brands he endorsed.

In order to prevent him from extending his contract with Adidas, Nike also offered him a brand endorsement. They were rejected by Mike.

Mike also endorses Mountain Dew and Dr. Scholl’s in addition to sportswear.

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