Lacrosse Tape: The Must Have for Players

Lacrosse players don’t want their stick to slip out of their hands as they run down the field with the ball. Tape is used by lacrosse players to affix grip to their sticks, allowing them to pass or shoot the ball with greater accuracy.

What is the best way to tape a lacrosse stick?

In order to prevent their hands from sliding as they pass, shoot, and face off, lacrosse players should tape their sticks.

The first thing you need to do is gather the tape you will use to tape your lacrosse stick.  There is no doubt that hockey tape is the best tape since it has a lot of grips, is lightweight, and lasts a long time.

Athletic tape is okay, but it fades quickly and doesn’t grip as well as sports tape.  For people who like the spyder grip style, there are lizard skin tape and spyder grips, both of which are heavier than regular tape and more expensive.  I like hockey tape the best out of all the types you can test.

In lacrosse, you should tape your stick’s butt end to prevent your hand from slipping off during passes and shots, since the shooting motion requires a lot of pulling.

There is no need for a butt-end knob for girls since your pockets are shallow and you shoot differently as a result.  I personally prefer tape butt ends to the plastic butt ends, although plastic butt ends do exist. 

To give you more grip while passing or shooting, tape your bottom hand next to your stick.

You can also tape where your top hand should be when you pass or shoot, especially if you’re a beginner. It can be tough to remember where your top hand should be.

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Why do lacrosse players use tape?

The use of tape isn’t necessary when playing lacrosse, but it can improve performance and give players a better chance of scoring.

Players often have to play in the rain and hold their lacrosse sticks through gloves, making them slippery. Players use tape in various ways on their sticks to counteract this issue, making them easier to handle and pass.

A lacrosse stick should be taped according to personal preference, and there is no universal way to do so. In addition to getting an extra grip, many players tape their sticks as a pre-game ritual to get in the zone.


Here are some things to consider when choosing lacrosse tape:

  • Would you like a stick tape of a particular type?
  • What is your budget for lacrosse tape?
  • Can you tell me what size lacrosse tape you need?
  • Which color or pattern is your favorite?

Types of Lacrosse Tape

Depending on how the tape is applied to the shaft, different types of tape can be used to tape lacrosse sticks in different ways.

Athletic Tape

Those who are just starting out can use athletic tape as a marker to keep track of where their hands should be placed. Compared to most alternatives, it provides a reasonable amount of grip.

Grip Tape

When the weather is less than ideal, grip tape is ideal for use because of its water resistance, but it is also lightweight. In comparison to other tapes on the market, grip tape is not as long-lasting as another lightweight, cushiony tapes.

Lacrosse Wrap

Those who want to spice up their style on the field should consider lacrosse wraps. In addition to providing a firm grip even through gloves, lacrosse wraps come in a variety of styles and colors. Despite their heavier weight, wraps change the feel of a player’s stick dramatically.


There are several different kinds of lacrosse types, but the majority comprise these three materials that make the ball durable, flexible, and extra-grippy.

  • For taping lacrosse sticks, cotton cloth is a good choice because it’s lightweight, breathable, and durable.
  • Water-resistant polyethylene is ideal for outdoor lacrosse because it is durable and strong.
  • Unlike polyethylene, polyurethane is durable and won’t need to be retaped as frequently as polyethylene.


The three brands below consistently produce the highest quality lacrosse tape in the industry.

  • Lacrosse tape from A&R is guaranteed to last multiple games and is available across the country.
  • Designed with style and performance in mind, Lizard Skins lacrosse wraps offer a strong grip with a stylish design.
  • StringKing: StringKing simplifies the tape application procedure and allows for customized tape jobs with their easy-to-apply pre-cut tape.

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