Lacrosse Jerseys | Use, Types & Things to Consider

There’s nothing more iconic in lacrosse than the jersey. Lacrosse jerseys are mandatory for organized teams. Playing lacrosse usually requires this type of equipment because it can be customized greatly. Lacrosse jerseys come in many different types.

Lacrosse jerseys: What are they for?

There’s more to a lacrosse uniform than just the jersey. Lacrosse players wear them over all of their torso pads. When watching or playing lacrosse, jerseys help identify players and teams besides shorts, helmets, and even cleats.

The name of the player, the number of the player, and/or the team name are the different indicators on a jersey to help identify a player or team. All of these elements can be customized for most lacrosse leagues to fit a particular theme or team identity.

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Here are Some Things to Consider

Consider these factors when choosing a lacrosse jersey:

  • How big do you want your jersey to be?
  • How do you want your jersey to look?
  • What is your budget for a lacrosse jersey?
  • In practice or during games, will you wear the jersey?

The types

A lacrosse jersey can be short sleeved, sleeveless, or pinny style.

Short Sleeve

The most common type of lacrosse jersey is the short sleeve jersey. Most types of padding can be covered by these shirts, which look like football jerseys or large t-shirts. Players usually wear these jerseys during games.


A sleeveless lacrosse jersey is usually made out of the same material as a short sleeve lacrosse jersey. Only the sleeves of sleeveless jerseys are different from the sleeves of sleeved jerseys. For players who prefer an extra range of motion and wear minimal or no shoulder pads, this jersey is a good choice.


Sleeveless lacrosse jerseys are often called pinnies. Tank tops are usually reversible and resemble sleeveless jerseys more than sleeveless ones. In lower levels, these jerseys are popular because they are less expensive and can be used in two different colors. It is also common to wear pinnies as practice jerseys.


A lacrosse jersey is usually made from cotton, polyester, or nylon.

  • Lacrosse jerseys are typically made from cotton blended with other materials. In spite of its lightweight, breathable, cheap, and cheap price, it can shrink a lot.
  • Jerseys made of polyester are lightweight and durable. This fabric is usually very breathable and often used for tight-fitting jerseys.
  • Lacrosse jerseys still use nylon, even though it’s not as common as it used to be. In some cases, it’s more durable than polyester and usually cheaper. Pinnies are commonly made of this material.


Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour are the most common brands of lacrosse jerseys.

  • High-quality products are the hallmark of Adidas’ sports clothing and equipment. A full website is available for customizing lacrosse jerseys for teams as well as making stock lacrosse jerseys in different colors.
  • Sports equipment and apparel manufacturer Nike is one of the biggest names in sports. As well as making plain jerseys, they also customize them to match a team’s theme.
  • Another major clothing and equipment brand is Under Armour. A few premade collegiate jerseys are also available. They also make customizable jerseys for entire teams.

A few considerations

Consider durability, price, and size when choosing a lacrosse jersey.


Long-lasting lacrosse jerseys are common. Lower-level leagues are known for handing down jerseys from player to player. You can usually get multiple seasons out of a jersey depending on how much you wear it. It’s easier to wash a polyester jersey than a cotton one.


The cost of a lacrosse jersey can range from a few dollars to upwards of $80. It is possible to buy plain lacrosse jerseys in bulk for less than ten dollars per jersey if you buy them in bulk. A high-quality jersey with a name, logo, and customized colors costs at least $40.


In general, lacrosse jerseys are sized similarly to t-shirts. There are sizes ranging from 2XS to 3XL. Youth and adult jerseys are also available from most companies. Manufacturers usually offer size charts on their websites so that individuals can match their exact measurements.


What is the cost of a lacrosse jersey?

The prices of lacrosse jerseys vary widely. When you buy jerseys in bulk, you may find that they cost just a few dollars with lower quality materials and no customizations. It is common for team jerseys to cost upwards of $40 per jersey if purchased individually or fully customized.

Lacrosse jerseys come in different types. What are they?

A lacrosse jersey can be classified into three types. An athletic t-shirt with short sleeves is similar to a football jersey and is designed to improve performance. The only difference between a sleeveless jersey and a short sleeve jersey is that a sleeveless jersey doesn’t have sleeves. Reversible pinnies can function as two different jerseys by resembling a tank top.

Professional lacrosse players wear what kind of jerseys?

Short sleeve jerseys are used by lacrosse players in the PLL. In games, all players wear the same style of jersey, regardless of whether they wear sleeveless jerseys or pinnies during practice.

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