Lacrosse Field: All You Need to Know About

Find out everything you need to know about lacrosse fields, from regulation size and others in this article.

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As opposed to the traditional game’s open field, the enclosed playing area is called a box.

Lacrosse Field

Grass and turf fields are the only places where lacrosse can be played. It is now common for Native Americans to play on grass or turf fields instead of giant 10-mile fields in the middle of woodlands. The dimensions of a lacrosse field require special lines to be painted since lacrosse games are often played on football fields. 


110 yards by 60 yards is the length and width of a lacrosse field. There are three sections on each field. A section on offense, a section on defense, and a section in neutral.

The neutral zone is 40 yards, the offensive zone 35 yards, and the defensive zone 35 yards. Only the goalie and his defenseman are allowed to step into the circular creases in both offensive and defensive sections.

Aside from a few exceptions, most high school, college, and pro fields are the same size. The jamboree-style play would be an exception to this rule. A jamboree is a weekend or day-long tournament full of many games played by teams. To fit more fields in one area, these tournaments allow shorter and thinner fields of play.

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