What are the Lacrosse Equipment?

Finding the right equipment can be confusing and intimidating for players just getting started in lacrosse. Players and goalies must use different protective equipment in men’s and women’s games. Box lacrosse also has many gender-neutral equipment requirements. 

Due to the non-contact nature of lacrosse, minimal equipment is required for girls and women’s games. The only items most players need are a stick, a mouth guard, and protective eyewear.

 Field players are not required to wear headgear or close-fitting gloves. In addition, goalies are required to wear a helmet with a face mask, a throat protector, padded gloves, and a chest protector.

Boys’ field players must wear a helmet, a stick, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, a mouth guard, and a protective cup. The use of rib pads is optional. Goalies must also wear a helmet with a face mask, a throat protector, padded gloves, and a chest protector.

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List of Equipment for Lacrosse

Here is a list of some major pieces of equipment that are essential for playing Lacrosse. They will provide full support and a clear advantage to you over your opposition.

1: Helmets

The Lacrosse field game is a total physical game. That involves the use of every body part to take over the opposition players. Therefore, the chances of getting an injury in this sport are very high.

Especially for the neck and head. As both the ball and opposite players can easily wound your head region. For this purpose, helmets have been considered the most essential part of the equipment for this game.

None of the Lacrosse players are allowed to play this game without wearing a protective helmet or cap. The inner part of these helmets includes the use of plastic coatings and rubber paddings, that absorb the contact shocks and prevent the brain from any damage.

Moreover, a face mask and chin straps are also placed in this helmet. That protects the whole face. As a result, it nearly becomes impossible for your face to get wounded either from the ball or the wrath of the opposition players.

2: Sticks

The sticks play the most important role in this Lacrosse sport. They are the only equipment used for scoring goals in this game. All the players are allowed to use them and without them, this game can not be played.

The main purpose of these sticks is their proper use in both defending and attacking the opposition. The attackers use them to perform various skills. So, that they can easily score. While the defender uses them to keep the ball to themselves without losing it to the opposition.

There are many kinds of these sticks. All of them are made of different materials. However, they all have this common function which has been told to you in the upper paragraph. 

3: Gloves & Arm pads

The Lacrosse game depends upon the use of hands for playing this game. Therefore, it is very important to have some kind of protection for your hands. This is because the sticks in other players’ hands can easily wound your hand when they are trying to snatch the ball away.

To overcome this dangerous situation, the players have to wear protective rubber gloves. These gloves are very thick and dense. So, it is very easy for them to absorb the shocks produced during physical contact.

Along with gloves the arm pads are also essential to use for proper gameplay. As the ball can easily damage the bones of your hands. For this purpose, plastic and rubber arm pads have been manufactured.

These pads provide the players with protection, flexibility, and mobility. As a result, their gameplay does not get affected by using these arm pads.

4: Shoulder pads

The name shoulder pads confuse many people. As they think that these pads are only used for shoulder protection. However, this includes a whole protection suit. That covers your shoulders, chest, and neck.

These pads are not made up of a hard plastic layer. But, they still are very compact and rigid. That is why they are considered to be one of the major parts of this game.

No players are allowed to play the Lacrosse game without wearing them. Their main purpose is to protect the chest and shoulder from any sort of injury. However, the players are allowed to take them off during the training sessions but in gameplay their use is essential.

5: Mouthguards

Along with all external body features, the inner mouth teeth also are a unique feature of the body. Thus, it is very important to also keep them safe. For this purpose, special mouthguards are used.

These mouth guards have placed on side of the mouth, and they can cover all your teeth. These mouthpieces are made up of plastic and rubber materials. Their use is also essential for gameplay. Otherwise, the referred would not allow you to participate in this Lacrosse field gameplay.

6: Rib Protectors

The rib protectors are also included in the list of major equipment used for playing Lacrosse field. They are generally worn as protection just below the shoulder pad suit. Their main function is to protect the lungs and heart.

During the gameplay, the players make brutal tackles that can easily cause damage to your lower body. Therefore, it would be better to play this game wearing this rib protection.

They are mainly used by the attacking players. As they have a greater chance of getting brutally tackled by the opposition defenders. So, without the use of these protectors, your life would not be saved in this game.

7: Throat protectors

The lower portion of the helmet contains a protective layer that covers the whole region from the chin to the neck. This layer is known as the throat protector. 

As we know, this game involves dangerous tackles, shoots, and physical tackles. Therefore, it is necessary to use these pads as a major protection for your throat. So, that no damage can occur to your windpipe.

8: Lacrosse Balls

Along with the sticks, these balls are the major source for carrying this whole Lacrosse gameplay. The main construction of these balls includes the use of oils, rubber, and plasticizers. These balls are 2.5 inches thick and 8 ounces in weight.

As their mixture creates these balls for the gameplay. In some parts of the USA, wooden balls are also used. But, for international tournaments, special balls made up of this mixture are used for playing this sport.

9: Bags & Clothes

The bags are used to carry the whole kits used for the gameplay. They have unique importance for the players. As the players can keep various materials and items in their bags.

While clothes are also stored in bags. The main clothing items include shirts, socks, and shorts. All of them are designed and worn according to the team. This is the main feature that differentiates all the Lacrosse field players. As a result, the teams are created and the gameplay is carried on.


Is there anything I need to get my kid ready for lacrosse?

In terms of equipment, your child will need helmets, pads, cleats, shafts/heads (stick parts), mouth guards, goggles, and gloves. You may even have to purchase uniforms, team bags for equipment, and more, depending on the team or local league that you join.

Do girls play lacrosse?

Both girls and boys can participate in lacrosse. Although both of these sports revolve around the lacrosse stick, they are quite different from one another. In boys’ lacrosse, physical contact is legal, whereas in girls’ lacrosse it is prohibited.

How old should a child start playing lacrosse?

Lacrosse should be introduced to children at the age of seven. By this age, children have developed the necessary strength and coordination to hold a lacrosse stick and perform fundamental skills. For players to reach their full potential, it is essential to begin playing lacrosse at an early age.


Lacrosse is a popular game that involves fascinating and attacking game plays. Therefore, it is very important to have some protection. So, that you can save yourselves from the brutal tackles played by the opposition players.

This article tells you about all the main equipment you require to play these sports. Moreover, we have also told you about the main reason for using this equipment. I hope that you would receive great knowledge of this sport from this article.

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