What are the Lacrosse Basic Rules For Kids?

A basic understanding of the rules is important before getting started with lacrosse. as the sport is great for kids of all ages. You can give your kids the confidence they need to hit the field with this blog post covering Lacrosse Basic Rules For Kids.

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Lacrosse Basic Rules For Kids

The maximum number of players per team is ten.

An attack player, a midfielder, a defender, and a goalkeeper make up the team.

Players who are shooting on the field are only allowed to remain on the half they are shooting on. A defender may only stay on her or his half of the field when she or he is defending. An offensive and defensive midfielder can play anywhere on the field.

Only the goalie can catch the ball with their hands, defending the net. Goals are scored by each team against another team’s. Goals are scored by passing the ball to one another. playing defense. And most importantly, by scoring goals with lacrosse sticks.

Rubber lacrosse balls are circular in shape. In cases of out-of-bounds, scoring, and player misconduct, a referee will stop play. Players can be suspended for a short period of time when they are called for penalties. Giving the other team the advantage.

When a player is running around the field with the ball. they cradle it in the pocket of their stick to ensure it doesn’t fall out.

At the end of the game, whichever team has more goals wins!

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