Ja Morant Hair | Hairstyles: Afro, Twists & Dreads

Outside of his athletic capabilities, Ja Morant’s hair has received attention on social media, making him an unwitting center of attention due to his unique appearance. It has been observed that he alternates between an Afro, twists, and the dreadlocks he currently wears.

In recent years, dreadlocks have become one of the most popular hairstyles among blacks, as Ja Morant has demonstrated. As part of our editorial, we will take a look at his current hairstyle as well as the evolution of his hair.

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Ja Morant Hairstyle in an Afro (2019):

Ja Morant is a new face on the court in the year 2019. This was the period in which he sported afro hair coupled with a faded taper.

One of the most valuable aspects of his taper was the ability to completely alter his appearance. It was always a taper fade that complemented his messy or styled fro, regardless of whether it was messy or styled.

It was his thick afro that initially sparked Ja’s interest in experimenting with his hairstyle. A few months later, he began to twist his hair, which formed the foundation for his dreadlocks.

Hairstyle with twists (2020):

Ja Morant’s hair became twisted shortly after he had styled it in the afro taper fade.

Moreover, twists provided both a new look and a great protective style for the player. In this way, the formation of his dreadlocks would be a natural progression.

Dreads on Ja Morant (current hairstyle):

The hairstyle that Ja Morant currently sports is traditional dreadlocks. He wears his dreads adorned with blue and pink locs in the front, making his dreads stand out on the court. A buzz cut is considered better by most athletes, but he wears his dreads adorned with blue and pink locs in the front.

Though the NBA has traditionally worn long hairstyles, this has not always been the case.

During the 2001 All-Star Game, Allen Iverson wore his famous cornrows. There has been a strong influence of his hairstyles on the court in recent years, such as the hairstyles of James Harden and Ja. The player may be responsible for braiding, twisting, and dreadlocking his hair.

What is the best way to copy Ja Morant’s hairstyle?

If you are interested in achieving dreads, we will let you know right away that it is best to visit a professional hairstylist. Now that we have cleared that up, we can move forward.

There are a number of ways in which dread can begin, including:

  • Twists of two strands
  • Comb Coils
  • Interlocking
  • Loc Extensions
  • Freeform

He let his hair naturally grow into dreadlocks from his twists in Ja’s case. Having already placed twists in his head, he simply allowed them to mat together, resulting in the formation of dreadlocks.

For starter dreadlocks, people tend to choose twists or comb coils over comb coils within the dreadlock community.

People have worn this look for many years, and you may give it a try as well. You will be distinguished from other people with standard hairstyles thanks to this hairstyle, which will complement your personal characteristics.

In order to achieve this hairstyle, you will have to set aside some time for it. The dreadlocks hairstyle is available at several salons, so it is advisable to seek professional assistance.

You may be asking this question because of the color of his hair. However, it is advisable to wait until your hair has matured before dyeing or bleaching it.

It is recommended that these procedures are performed on individuals with medium to long-length dreadlocks given that your hair is mature and less likely to break as a result of color damage. If your hair is long, however, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of dread styles and colors.

Ensure that you keep your hair moisturized and your scalp oiled on a daily basis. In the same manner as your skin, your scalp requires hydration and care. You can support the health and growth of your dreads by maintaining a good moisturizing routine.

Final thoughts:

The attention today is focused on Ja Morant’s hair and personal style, who has had an outstanding career in basketball.

After beginning his career at Murray State in 2019. He transferred to the University of Memphis and received the Lute Olson Award for outstanding performance. He was named the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament MVP, conference player, and first-team All-American.

It is no surprise that people are trying to style their hair in a similar manner as a result of these accolades and achievements.

It is best for those with afro-textured hair to wear all of his styles in the past, including twists, braids, and dreads.

Once your hair becomes sufficiently long, you will be able to style and color it in a variety of ways. Additionally, in order to maintain long dreadlocks like his, you must wash and retwist your hair every six weeks in order to avoid having unkempt hair, which no one wants.

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