Top 10 Golfers With Most Holes-In-One On PGA Tour Since 1983

We all know that golf is a game of precision and skill. But did you know that there are some golfers out there who have an extra special talent for sinking those all-important holes in one? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the golfers with the most holes in one.

Golf is consistently ranked among the most popular sports played all over the globe. It calls for a great deal of patience and a high level of ability.

Even in challenging environments, professional golfers are able to smash the ball with pinpoint accuracy from hundreds of yards away. This is true regardless of the terrain or the weather. And the players who have the most holes-in-one on PGA circuits are the experts in every kind of terrain there is to play on.

A hole-in-one is achieved when a ball struck from the tee and played without any intervening strokes reaches the cup at the first attempt. The success of this shot is quite unusual for any golfer since it calls for a great deal of accuracy, talent, and even a little bit of luck.

 If a golfer makes an ace even once throughout their career on the PGA Tour, they might consider themselves quite lucky. A hole-in-one bet is another popular betting option that many bookmakers provide, and if you are fortunate enough to win it, the bookmaker will give you a bonus.

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Ranking of Golfers on the PGA Tour Who Have Achieved the Most Holes-In-One in 2022

Find out below which players have had the greatest success on the PGA Tour since 1983 in terms of achieving the most hole-in-ones thanks to their combination of talent and luck.

10. Willie Wood

Willie Wood had a successful junior career, but he was never able to replicate that success at the professional level.

Even though he only had one PGA Tour victory, he was still able to ace seven holes during the course of his career.

9. Gibby Gilbert

golfers with most holes in one

American golfer Gibby Gilbert has only triumphed on the PGA Tour thrice, therefore he does not have a great deal of experience with the accomplishment.

In spite of this, he was still able to make seven very successful holes-in-one, which is what placed him on this list. Because of this accomplishment, he is also considered to be one of the most accomplished golfers of this year.

8. Bob Tway

Bob Tway was a golfer who has eight victories on the PGA Tour and spent 25 weeks in the top 10 of the Official World Golf Ranking. Seven aces were made during that time period by him.

7. Lanny Wadkins

Lanny Wadkins had an amazing career that lasted for many decades and included a number of other accomplishments in addition to winning 21 PGA Tours.

Seven times, he shot an ace, and in 2009, he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame for his accomplishments in the sport.

6. Corey Pavin

Corey Pavin is one of only a select few golfers who have won a major international competition on each of the five inhabited continents. He finished his career with 15 victories on the PGA Tour and seven holes-in-one.

5. Gil Morgan

golfers with most holes in one

Gil Morgan, a professional golfer from the United States, has won 41 professional tournaments during his career, including seven PGA Tours and twenty-five PGA Tour Champions events. During his career, he had an unbelievable total of eight holes in one.

4. Scott Hoch

One more American golfer makes the cut: Scott Hoch. Who holds the record for the most victories on the PGA Tour with 11, including four PGA Tour Champions? During his time competing on the PGA Tour, he has managed to ace seven different holes.

3. Hubert Green

golfers with most holes in one

American professional golfer Hubert Green won a total of 29 professional events throughout his career, including 19 PGA Tours, the 1977 U.S. Open, and the 1985 PGA Championship. Green was a member of the PGA Tour.

Since 1983, he has played on the PGA Tour and has made eight holes-in-one throughout that time. In 2007, he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

2. Hal Sutton

golfers with most holes in one

Hal Sutton is a well-known name in the world of professional golf in the United States. He has won 14 times on the PGA Tour, with his most notable victory coming in the 1983 PGA Championship.

Hal Sutton and Allenby are tied for first place in this tournament with 10 holes-in-one each. And Sutton’s career has spanned more than four decades.

1. Robert Allenby

golfers with most holes in one

Robert Allenby, a professional golfer from Australia, has won a total of 22 professional tournaments over his career, including four PGA Tours.

He presently owns the world record for most holes-in-one on the PGA Tour since 1983. Having achieved this feat ten times with Sutton.

Conclusion: Golfers with most Holes in one

In connection with records, were you aware that Dustin Johnson just broke one at the Master’s tournament? And if you believe that we have overlooked somebody. Please do not hesitate to let us know about it in the comment box.

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