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When it comes to families dominating a field, the first thing that comes into mind is politics, especially in Sub-continent.

The dominance of certain families in politics is mostly criticized but family dominance in a sport is one of the exciting things to discuss.

In cricket, there are endless families to have represented their country. From father-son to cousins, husband-wife to brother-sister but today we are going to throw light on the famous brothers to have played international cricket.

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There have been many many but this one is for the most prominent ones. Let’s know about such cricketing families:

15 Famous Cricket Brothers in the history of Cricket:

1. Chappells

The famous Chappell brothers of Australia, Ian Chappell is considered one of the most influential Aussie skippers ever.

Greg the most talented of the three was a genius in batting and also captained Australia like Ian & the 3rd one is Trevor who didn’t play as much as Ian & Greg.

2. Benaud’s

Two contrasting careers for two brothers. John Benaud managed to play only 3 test matches for Australia in the 70s but before him, Richie Benaud was a giant of Australian Cricket.

One of the finest all-rounders during the 50s & 60s, Richie was an inspiring captain as well. Later, got fame for his commentary skills as well.

3. Harveys

Six brothers from the Harvey family, whereas four excelled in domestic cricket & football, two managed to represent the Australian cricket team.

Merv Harvey played just a solitary test but Neil enjoyed a successful long career as a batsman. Neil Harvey indeed the more famous of the two and most famous among the Harveys

4. Husseys

The exciting Hussey brothers, Michael was a late entry to the national team but when he did come, he astonished everyone with his cricketing skills and is popularly known as “Mr. Cricket”.

Unlike Michael, David. Hussey played only the limited-overs format for Australia. Husseys, one of the prominent brother pairs in recent memory.

5. Lee Brothers

Shane Lee played only ODI cricket as an all-rounder but then came the other half of Lee-Brothers.

Brett Lee emerged as a lethal speedster and went on to become one of the pace sensations in the history of cricket. Shane started the legacy of Lees but Brett took it to the pinnacle.

6. Marshs

Part of the famous Marsh family, the sons of former Aussie cricketer Geoff Marsh, Shaun & Mitchell Marsh form a famous brothers pair in the current era.

Shaun, a talented left-handed batsman & Mitchell an enthusiastic all-rounder, both are serving Australia in any format demanded

7. Trumble Brothers

The early years of international cricket & the world saw the Trumble brothers from Australia.

John Trumble was the first to play in the 1880s and though he didn’t play a lot, Hugh Trumble played for a longer span & also enjoyed decent success as he took over 100 test wickets.

8. Waugh twins

Perhaps the most iconic brothers pair to have played international cricket. The famous Waugh twins, Steve & Mark belong to the elites.

Steve won an ODI World Cup as captain & was an outstanding batsman as well. Mark came late but became a stylish batsman and a more stylish slip-fielder.

The Chappells come close but it will take years for a brother pair to beat the legacy of Waughs

9. Smiths

The South African-born Chris & Robin Smith had to move to England due to a ban on South Africa. Chris played a few matches in the mid-80s and Robin made his test debut in 1988.

Robin Smith was a regular part of an English team for almost 8 years and became a way more successful cricketer than Chris.

Smith brothers are a part of a line of English cricketers born in South Africa. # 10. Tyldesley Brothers. Johnny & Ernest Tyldesley, brothers who were outstanding for Lancashire in the county circuit but did not play that much on the world stage.

Johnny played for England before Ernest and also played more test matches. Ernest played a little but averaged over 50 with the bat.

11. Cowdreys

Chris & Graham Cowdrey, sons of Colin Cowdrey one of the biggest names in English cricket.

This brother pair failed to achieve success like their father. Chris played a few international games and also got a chance to captain England & Graham did not get an opportunity to play international cricket. So, the Cowdrey brothers are not as famous as the Cowdrey family.

12. Curran Brothers

Sam, Tom & Ben are the sons of former Zimbabwe cricketer Kevin Curran. Curran brothers are carrying their international cricket in England.

Tom & Sam Curran have made their international debut for England and are still in the early days of their careers whereas Ben Curran is yet to make his debut for England.

13. Gilligans

A unique brother’s pair, Arthur & Harold Gilligan. Both the Gilligan brothers have not tasted success as cricketers on the world stage as both played for a very short time.

However, the Gilligan brothers captained the English cricket team, the only English brother pair to do so. Harold Gilligan took the English team to New Zealand in 1930 during which New Zealand played its inaugural test match

14. Grace Brothers

Part of the famous Grace family, the troika of Grace brothers represented England in test cricket.

All 3, W.G, E.M & G.F Grace played in the first ever test played on English soil. This was the only test played by E.M & G.F Grace. W.G Grace is the most famous of the three brothers.

Not only for his cricketing skills, but the impact created by his personality also made W.G Grace a special character.

15. Greig Brothers

South African-born Tony Greig made his test debut for England in 1972, serving for 5 years as an all-rounder. His brother Ian Greig played two test matches in the summer of 82.

Tony Greig became a darling of fans all over the world for his commentary & his class in the commentary is matched by few.

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