The Best Coin-Operated Foosball Tables

Foosball, which is table soccer or table football, is widely played in the whole world. From local schools to corner pubs, this game has gained huge popularity. The whole world is getting interesting in this table game.

While discussing the coin-operated foosball tables. First, you must know what a coin-operated foosball table is. These tables have a coin slot placed in them. That makes them different from all other foosball tables.

These gaming tables are also recognized as commercially used tables. Let me tell you everything you need to know about them. Buying them will be hassle-free for you.

Their frame is made up of steel, this protects them from any damage that can occur to their body. While the leg levelers present in them are used to provide the best support to such tables.

They have brilliantly manufactured three pairs of smooth rods. They’re covered with excellent gripped handles. These handles can provide you with the best control in this game.

We have researched a lot on this topic so that we can gather all the information that you need. Let’s take a look at the best foosball tables that you can buy here. 

The 5 best coin-operated foosball tables

1: Garlando world champion foosball table

  • The dimension of these tables; is 60 x 40 x 25 inches.
  • The weight of these tables; is 180 pounds.
  • The material used is; metal.
  • The colors used; were white, green, and blue.

Additional features: they have special cup holders, and they are manufactured in Italy.

Garlando is known as the best foosball table producing brand. Therefore, this garlando world champion foosball tables have earned their number one position on our list. Around the world, these tables are highly recommended and in high demand.

They are considered the best commercially used foosball tables. Their first and foremost feature is their cabinet. MDF and plywood are used to make this cabinet. Providing you the perfect movement of the rods to play your best shoot.

Talking about their playfield, it is constructed from pure glass, making the surface smooth. This, as a result, makes your gameplay perfect, without any sort of resistance in your way.

The rods used for these foosball tables are made up of steel. 

Having the sharp ability to stand against corrosion. This makes them impossible to break with human force. Another thing about them is that they have counterbalanced players.

This type of foosball table is used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. There is a great deal of interest in buying them from all over the world. So that they can easily enhance and sharpen their skills.

There are cup holders on them, which is the best thing about them. That can hold water bottles as well. While the thing that upsets most people is their high cost.


  • Their rods have anti-rust coatings.
  • They have counterbalanced players.
  • Their glass surface provides smooth gameplay.


  • They are quite expensive.

2: Great Americans coin operated foosball table

  • The material used; is polypropylene.
  • Their color is; black.
  • The rods are made up; of chrome steel.
  • Their assembly; is required.

Additional features: their grip is made up of pure rubber.

A coin-operated foosball table next on our list is the great American foosball table. These tables can provide you with every single feature. They have the best ball returning feature installed in them.

Talking about their cabinet. They have a 1-inch wide and thick cabinet. That is laminated with MDF. The counterbalanced player mechanism is also present in them.

Their rods are made up of the perfect stainless steel. Therefore, they can’t break with the human force. These tables have a special coin system in them.

This system allows them to be converted into foreign countries. Other foosball tables do not have this feature. The leg levelers have unique importance in these tables.

As their legs are made up of the best materials. During gameplay, it can provide you with the best support. As a result, you can enjoy every minute of your gameplay on these foosball tables.

The best thing about these foosball tables is that they have the best, most reliable design. While the thing that upsets people is that these tables are quite difficult to find.


  • They have a 1-inch thick cabinet.
  • These tables have counterbalanced players.
  • They have the best leg levelers set.


  • These foosball tables are quite expensive.

3: Shelti pro food III foosball table

  • The material used; is wood.
  • The number of rods; 8.
  • The ball returning option; is present.
  • The shape of the handles; is octagonal.

Additional feature: the total number of goalies present in these tables is 3.

The Shelti Pro III foosball tables can easily impress you. These foosball tables are filled with excellent features. A lot of money is being invested in these tables by people around the world.

Kids usually use foosball tables like these. Therefore, they are not used at international levels. Their construction involves the use of the best quality materials.

Talking about their features. Their rods and handles are made up of pure stainless steel. That provides you with powerful shoots. Moreover, these rods are strong and anti-rust.

Thus, these tables can provide you with unlimited fun and entertainment. The surface of these foosball tables is very smooth. This is because it is made from MDF resilient fiber sheets.

They have a special coin push mechanism. While the leg levelers are also quite impressive. They provide you with the best support and control throughout the whole game.

This table has brand-new accessories with it, which is a good thing. While the thing that most people do not like about these tables is that sometimes the leg levelers get stuck into one another.


  • They have a men’s goalie feature.
  • They are the best tables for commercial use.
  • There are brand-new accessories with these tables.


  • Sometimes their leg levelers get stuck.

4: Tornado T3000 coin-operated foosball table

  • The material used; is stainless steel.
  • The total number of rods is 8.
  • The colors used; are black and silver.
  • The leg levelers; are adjustable.

Additional features: these tables are quite easy to assemble.

These foosball tables are specially designed for commercial uses. Such as for restaurants and bars. These tables have a coin slot of their own. That can store coins in it. 

There is a key that is present along them. That helps in opening the coin slot. Thus, you can also use these tables for your business purposes. You can easily pick up all the coins after the game.

These tables can surely enhance your skills and excitement. The stainless steel rods and handles protect the tables from any kind of scratch or any other damage.

The leg levelers used in them are adjustable. Amazingly, this feature provides you support and comfort at the same time. They have 1 man goalie that protects the opposition strikes from scoring first.

There is no doubt, that these tables are the highest-rated gaming tables in the world. Their demand has greatly upset the other quality table owners. Along with this, they have ITSF which makes them more effective as a gaming unit.

The best thing that we found about this sort of table, is that have no dead spots at any place on the whole playing field. In addition to their simple design, these tables have one thing people dislike, and that is their simplicity.


  • They have counterbalanced players.
  • The handles have the best grip.
  • There is no dead spot on their playing field.


  • Their design is quite simple and boring.

5: René Pierre Pro Coin Operated foosball tables

  • The material used; is aluminum.
  • The weight of this table; is 200 pounds.
  • The dimension of this table; is ‎66.14 x 38.58 x 17.32 inches.
  • The number of goalies; is only 1.

Additional features: these tables are only made by the René Pierre brand.

If you are a competitive player and are looking for the best foosball table, then we will highly recommend you to buy these tables. In addition to being used indoors, they can also be used outdoors.

From bars to the workplace, they can attract every person. These are greatly durable and reliable foosball tables. When you use them, you will be able to play the most competitive games there are.

The rods that are used in this table game are known as telescopic rods. Moreover, the players are made up of aluminum and are hand painted. We ensure that you will be greatly impressed by these table features, as we were at first.

The construction of these tables includes the best quality materials. It includes 1 man goalie and cork ball for the gameplay. We highly recommend you make your investments in these tables as quickly as you can.

Playing this foosball game will give you the best time of your life. It is good to know that such tables are only made in France. Foosball tables of this quality cannot be made by any other company or country.


  • These are only made in France.
  • The rods used for them are telescopic.
  • In this game, aluminum players are used.


  • There is a high cost associated with these tables.

Main things to consider

Now you have learned about every feature of these foosball tables. It is time for you to decide on the best of these foosball tables that you would like for yourself.

We would like our buying guide to help you in this manner. Therefore, you will be able to choose the one that is best for you. Your skills will be sharpened and enhanced as a result.

The main features you should know

There are a lot of cool features in these tables. That can attract customers to a higher level. Some of these features will be given next. Remember, we have done all this research only for you to buy the best item. 

1: Weight

Generally, the weight of the foosball tables is about 120-150lbs. But here we are dealing with the tables used for commercial purposes. This type of table is very light in weight. Heavyweight tables are also used and manufactured.

However, they have no great importance because they are quite difficult to transport or shift across different areas. The majority of the foosball tables used to weigh fewer than 100 pounds.

2: Materials of the table

The main materials that are part of these foosball tables are handles and rods. Stainless steel is used for the rods. This makes them rigid and impossible to break.

While talking about the handles, the handles for these tables are made up of wood or some textured materials. That provides you with the best grip. Making your gameplay more efficient.

3: Leg levelers

The next feature is also very impressive. When you are looking for the perfect gameplay, you always need the perfect height. This feature is provided by the leg levelers.

These allow you to adjust the gaming setup according to your need. So that you can enjoy the whole gameplay without any hindrance in your way.


1: What companies make the best foosball tables?

Various companies make these tables. However, Tornado, Garlando, and kick are considered to be the best foosball-making companies.

2: How can I pick the best table for myself?

For you to pick the best table, you should always check the brand of these tables. After that, you must go for its weight, thickness, and materials.

3: How much does the best foosball table cost?

The cost of these tables varies from each other. However, the cost of these foosball tables is approximate $700-$1,150.

4: Is foosball a part of Olympic sports?

Unfortunately, this game is not a part of the official Olympic sports. It was not accepted by the officials in 2020. However, its popularity will make it to reach the Olympic Games very soon.


We have now come to the end of our article. The information we provided about these tables was as accurate as we could make it. Buying the best product for yourself is now the right time.

If you ask me for your help, then I will suggest you buy the Tornado T3000. The game has all the features necessary for a perfect game experience. Moreover, its black and yellow design will attract every person in your house.

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