Best NBA Players with Dreads – Current & All time

There have been many players throughout the history of the NBA who have worn dreadlocks. Several of the most successful players in history have worn dreadlocks and are discussed in the article as the best NBA Players with Dreads

The list includes two categories of players: current players with dreadlocks and historical players with dreadlocks.

Do you know what dreads are?

The dreadlock hairstyle has become increasingly popular in modern society. The hair is washed, but not combed, and twisted while wet into a tight braid or ringlet which dangles from all sides of the head.

A number of NBA players wear dreadlocks, including Lil Wayne, Bob Marley, and Whoppi Goldberg. It is important to note that the meaning of dreads varies depending on the culture in which they are used as well as from one individual to another.

A hairstyle may represent the beginning or end of a phase in a person’s life. Or it may be worn purely for aesthetic reasons.

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List of Top 3 current NBA players with dreadlocks in 2022:

As one of the most popular hairstyles among NBA players, dreadlocks are currently a popular hairstyle. The look has, therefore, been worn by a number of prominent players in the league at least once.

1. Ja Morant

Ja Morant - Best NBA Players with Dreads in 2022

It is likely that Ja Morant will be the most successful player with dreadlocks in the current NBA season. Among all the players in the league, Morant has a very bright future. His jump shot is improving at an impressive rate, and he is developing into a remarkable leader.

Ja Morant Dreads are something that the fans would love to adopt and they’re an interesting factor of his prominent performance as he feels like a role model.

Morant has rapidly risen to prominence after only three years in the NBA and is considered one of the favorites to win this year’s NBA MVP award. Because of Morant’s youth and athleticism. which are not expected to diminish in the near future, the sky is the limit for him as a player.

Derrick Rose, who appears a bit later on this list, has been compared to him in a similar manner. If he continues to develop his jump shot and avoids injuries. He is likely to become one of the best point guards in the NBA.

Furthermore, there is a great deal of expectation that the Memphis Grizzlies will have a bright future.

In a highly competitive Western Conference last season, Morant’s Grizzlies finished second. They were ultimately eliminated from contention by the Golden State Warriors in the second round of the playoffs.

Although the Memphis Grizzlies are one of the youngest teams in the league. It is evident that they will remain title contenders for many years to come.

2. Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler - Best NBA Players with Dreads in 2022

The NBA Twitter community was captivated when Jimmy Butler posted a picture of himself with full dreadlocks. His hairstyle was much shorter just a few months earlier.

The state of Jimmy’s dreadlocks is unknown for the 2022-2023 season. But it appears that they will remain for the offseason at least. As a result of the initial photograph of Butler’s new hairstyle. He was subsequently pictured working out with his trainer wearing the same hairstyle.

In Butler’s illustrious NBA career, he has experienced a number of ups and downs. He was selected by the Chicago Bulls at the end of the first round of the draft. As a newcomer to the league, he was not given much playing time and had much to learn about his offensive abilities.

Due to his dedication and hard work, he became the face of the Chicago Bulls. Apparently, Butler and Derrick Rose were engaged in a power struggle behind the scenes for some time.


Injuries left Rose’s career a shell of what it could have been after he was born in Chicago and showed the potential to be a generational point guard.

Butler would eventually become the Bulls’ franchise player. But the team could not build around him due to incompetent front office management and he was traded to the Timberwolves.

After Butler had numerous run-ins with teammates and Minnesotans perceived him as a misanthrope, Butler was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. Due to front office mishaps once again, Butler found himself on the Miami Heat instead of remaining with the 76ers.

The general narrative at this stage of Butler’s career has been that he is a head case and a locker room cancer.

Having never been one to fall for headlines, the Heat took a shot at Butler. And he has enjoyed a complete resurgence with them. Besides being one of the top defenders in the league, he is a top player in his position.

3. Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose - Best NBA Players with Dreads in 2022

The final current player we’ve shortlisted is none other than ‘Derrick Rose’. Once he has been asked why he opted to grow out his hair and get dreadlocks? Rose responded; “Most people do not understand, but with black people, our hair is everything“.

He further added that “Our hair is our power and while growing out my hair. I felt as if I was gaining strength as well as maturity at the same time. It was at this point that I began to let go of that revenge side”.

According to previous reports, Rose’s career is one of the biggest what-ifs in the history of the NBA. Inarguably the hottest start ever, he was destined to become one of the top five point guards of all time.

In winning the MVP award, Rose became the youngest player in history. Along with this, he was the face of his hometown Chicago Bulls.

At first glance, Rose’s Bulls appeared to be strong enough to defeat the Miami Heat. Between the two teams during this period, a number of difficult games and series were played. Rose, however, suffered a tragic accident at the height of his career.

Fourth Quarter

In the fourth quarter of a meaningless playoff game. Rose sustained the first major injury of his career as a result of Tom Thibedeau’s refusal to pull him from the game. A player of Rose’s status has never experienced an injury streak as severe as this one.

He was sidelined for over a season by his initial injury. Which marked the beginning of his decline as a star in the league.

After leaving the Chicago side, he bounced from team to team and appeared in different games for the New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, and finally returned to the Knicks where he still plays today.

Rose is still a talented and valuable player even though he is no longer the star we remember him as. He even received a first-place MVP vote in the 2020-2021 season.

Top 3 NBA Players with Dreads of all Time:

Now, we’ll take a look at the players who made the hairstyle popular in the league.

1. Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson

As one of the most popular players in the NBA, Allen Iverson is credited with making dreadlocks and cornrows popular. David Stern was the NBA commissioner during the time when Iverson rose to fame.

Therefore, there were regulations regarding what kind of clothing players could wear to games. And it was obvious that the league expected its players to dress in a particular manner. Without Iverson, most of today’s pregame outfits and hairstyles would not be possible.

Iverson would not have had the cultural impact that he did if he had not been the caliber of player that he was. Throughout the course of his career, Iverson did not have to worry about basketball talent.

It is important to note that despite his inefficiency at times, he was one of the game’s most prolific scorers. Moreover, he is still considered one of the top three ball handlers of all time if not the best.

During his career, he recorded a staggering number of steals thanks to his quick hands-on defense. While Iverson is not always the most willing passer and sometimes takes defensive possessions off, he remains one of the best players in his league. The run he had in the 2001 playoffs was one of the most impressive we have seen in basketball history.

2. Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh

It was during his statistical prime that Chris Bosh wore dreadlocks. It is no secret that Bosh was one of the most prominent players in the NBA during the time he spent with the Toronto Raptors.

His career peaked at this point as far as statistics are concerned. In his role as the franchise’s first option, the face of the franchise, and the face of the franchise. The team ran through him as the first option.

In order to form the “Big Three” with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Bosh willingly gave up this position to join them on the Miami Heat.

Bosh had a buzzcut throughout his time with the Heat. And the game of his team underwent many changes during this time. Both stars were not exceptional shooters when they formed the “Big Three”.

In order to facilitate teamwork, Bosh made the significant sacrifice of altering his entire playing style.


At times, he shifted from playing a traditional big role to a role more akin to a stretch four or even a stretch five. In every season that James, Wade, and Bosh played together. They reached the NBA Finals, and they finished 2-2 in the Finals.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were re-signed by James following his loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the 2014 Finals. Wade and Bosh were left hanging in Miami as a result of this move.

Even without LeBron, Wade and Bosh could still maintain their status as playoff contenders. However, they were never able to achieve any significant success in the playoffs.

As a result of blood clots that could have turned fatal if he had continued to play. Bosh had to retire prematurely several years after the Heatles ended their relationship.

3. Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace

Our last player of the day is Ben Wallace. In the early stages of his career, Wallace was an undrafted free agent. In spite of not being drafted when he entered the league, he is one of the few players to make an All-Star game.

During his career, Wallace was widely recognized as one of the top interior defenders in the game for about 15 years.

Ben has won one block championship, 2 rebounding championships, 4 Defensive Player of the Year awards, 4 All-Star awards, 5 NBA All-Star awards, and 6 All-Defensive awards. He has been inducted into the Hall of Fame last year.

We compiled the list of Best NBA Players with Dreads from the current & previous eras, so what do you think about our selection? Do you have any other prominent players on your list? Just respond in the comment section as we would love to hear from you.

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