The Best Foosball Balls In 2023

If you are a foosball player, then you must know about foosball balls. In a foosball game, the ball is the most important part of the whole gaming table. There cannot be any foosball game without its ball.

Several balls are used while playing foosball. All of these balls have different textures and compositions. Every foosball player knows about the importance of the foosball table ball.

The composition of the ball does not affect the gameplay. The only thing that a ball requires to make a perfect game is a smooth pitch. The smoother the pitch, the smoother will be the gameplay.

For better and better gameplay, the best balls are always used. These balls generally enhance the excitement of the players, allowing them to enjoy their time in this game.

Every player likes to play the game in their way. That is why different balls are used so that each person can enjoy his free time. Different types of balls provide different gameplay. Some people use fastballs. While some prefer little slower ones.

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The Top 5 Best Foosball Balls 

1. Cork Foosball Table Balls

  • The type of ball; is cork
  • Weight of the ball;0.5 oz
  • Size of the ball; 1.3 inches

Further  Features: European-style manufactured balls, are hard and rigid, and they have natural color.

These balls became famous in the early 80s and 90s. The people playing from that time have developed a unique style. By using these balls, they can perform various tricks and make different strategies.

These cork balls are very easy to control. As these balls are measurable. Therefore, it allows you to pass or pin the ball easily. For better results, you should your skills, then these balls can be your best choice. Experts always prefer these balls over plastic ones because of this reason.

Its best feature is its thrilling Thud sound. These balls collide when they hit each other. Foosball table quality is enhanced by the sound. 

These balls are mainly used to make the fake trick shoot. This confuses the opposite player as he remains busy guessing the real shoot. Then it is up to you whether you will choose the powerful or powerless shoot.


  • On the field, these balls are easy to control.
  • These are quite sticky.
  • The balls of this type do not break into pieces.


  • These balls are very bouncy. Therefore, it is not easy to catch them.

Textured Foosball Table Balls

  • Size of the ball; 1.4 inches
  • Weight of the ball; 25 gram
  • The material of the ball; is textured

Further Features: these balls are blue, and the warrior logo is present and durable.

Foosball balls with textured surfaces are available in the warrior pro game. Balls used in warrior pro tournaments have the same mass as these balls. Blue is the color of these. 

The design of these balls is unique. Their grip is very strong, which in turn makes them durable. The company manufactures American-style balls. This is why these are very popular in the USA. 

The control feature of these balls is very easy. These textured balls have properties that lie in between the cork and smooth balls. This makes them more functional as compared to the other 2 types of balls. 

The bad news for you is that these balls are very costly. Therefore, you would have to pay more. But by paying more you will get extra new features also. That will enhance your excitement for the game.

Warrior manufactures these fantastic balls. This company has the trust of millions all over the world due to the best quality products it makes. All balls have the company’s logo printed on them. Thus, it makes it easy for you to buy the best product on the market.


  • These balls are made up of the best materials. Therefore, these are strong and rigid.
  • The speed of these balls during the gameplay is brilliant.
  • The handles of these tables have the perfect grip.


  • These balls are costly.

Smooth Foosball Table Ball

  • Size of the ball; 1.3 inches.
  • Weight of the ball; 0.9 pounds.
  • The material of the ball; is smooth.

Further Features: these balls are 33 mm in diameter, and the color of these balls is yellow, manufactured from nylon.

These balls generally come in a set of 10 balls. These are smooth and controllable balls. Sometimes they spin or seam around in the game, but it does not affect the gameplay.

These balls are the smallest among all the foosball table balls. Although their design isn’t 100% smooth, it doesn’t make a difference to the game’s outcome. Foosball table balls of this type are very strong. Therefore, it does not break easily and can last very long. 

The company that produces these balls is an Italian company known as Garland o. These balls are often compared with the cork and textured balls. Thus, these are appreciated by people all over the world, those cork, and textured balls.

These smooth balls are not of the international level. Therefore, these are not used in any tournaments by professional players. This type of ball is always used by children to pass their time or to enjoy themselves.

Traditional Foosball Table Ball

  • The weight of the ball is 0.2 pound
  • The color of the ball is Black and white.
  • The dimensions of the ball, ‎‎12 x 12 x 4 inches
  • The size of the ball is 33 mm.

Further Features: these balls are produced by GLD company in China, their diameter is 33 mm.

The traditional foosball table balls are normally used balls all over the world. These traditional balls are not used at the professional levels. Unlike the other balls that are superior to these balls.

These types of balls are used in local games in the streets on local foosball tables. The material that is used to make these balls is very bad. This is the reason these balls do not stand a chance to make into the best foosball table balls.

These balls are made from hard plastic by melting and then molding them into a ball shape. Black and white designs are printed on them to make them attractive. When these balls collide with each other, they produce a clanging sound on the playfield.

It seems impossible to control these balls during the gameplay. Thus, people only with the best skills can win the game by using these balls. These balls come in a set of 4 balls. From which some of them always get lost.

The production of these balls is the responsibility of the GLD FAT CAT foosball company present in China. These balls are supplied from China to all over the world.


  • These balls are quite affordable.
  • The balls are hard and rigid.
  • The spin of the ball on the field is very impressive.


  • These balls are impossible to control.

Tornado Tournament Official Foosball Table Ball

  • The dimensions of the ball,1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
  • The total weight of the ball is 0.01 kg.
  • Color of the balls, are pink, yellow, and red.

Further Features: The material of the ball is urethane, 3 types of these balls are manufactured.

The tornado foosball table balls are considered one of the best-manufactured balls are over the world. The tornado company is the largest brand that produces foosball tables. Therefore, people always believe in the quality of their products.

These balls are made from urethane material. This is the same material that is used in the production of golf balls. These can create a strong grip whenever they are used in the gameplay. 

These tournament balls are manufactured in the USA. Thus, they are supplied from there to all over the world. They work in the foosball tables with 3 goalie features. 

The control feature of this type of ball is very easy. Therefore, these are used at professional levels across the world. They offer less resistance during the gameplay. This allows the ball to flow easily from one end to the other end.

There are 3 types of these balls. Red, yellow and pink ones. The pink ball is mainly used at professional levels due to its visibility. However, there is no difference between all these balls except the color.


  • These balls are easily visible.
  • They are strong and rigid.


  • It has a very high cost in the market.

Main Things To Consider

As we have already discussed, there are many great foosball table balls available on the market. We helped you to know about the composition, design, style, and all the other fantastic features of these balls. 

Our buying guide will now tell you more about these balls. So that you can buy the best foosball table ball from the best brand.

Why Do We Choose The Best Foosball Table Ball?

We choose the best foosball table ball so that we can improve our gaming skills day by day. Our gaming sessions will be more enjoyable if we use the best balls from the best brands.

Talking about the best balls, the cork, smooth, and textured balls are the best in the business. While cheap balls such as plastic balls do not provide you with a better experience. There is no grip on the playfield due to their lack of grip.

What Are The Main Features That You Should Know Before You Buy These Balls?

Several features force you to buy these balls for the best gameplay. Here we will discuss different features of these balls with you, which are as follows,


This foosball table ball measures from 35 mm to 36 mm. There are no other balls that are larger than these balls. Even though the balls are all different sizes, this makes the game more enjoyable for all players.


Along with size, there is also a difference in the weight of these balls. For example; the cork balls are the densest and heavier ones of all other balls. The textured balls are a little lighter than cork balls. 

While on the hand, the plastic balls are the lighter ones on the list. Therefore, these balls are very bouncy and uncontrollable.


Several brands produce these foosball table balls. But the best brands in the world that produce the best foosball table balls are very quite small.

These brands include WARRIOR, TORNADO, and GARLAND O.


Different balls produce different sounds during the gameplay. However, these sounds do not affect the gameplay. If you are looking for the best balls that produce good sounds rather than irritating ones.

Then you must go for the cork and textured made balls. Their sound enhances your concentration on the game more and more.


1:What is the size of the balls used in the foosball tables?

The average size of the balls used in the foosball tables is approximately 35 mm. Full-sized tables benefit from these sized balls.

2:What is the composition of the foosball table balls?

All the foosball table balls are made up of either plastic or cork material. However, cork balls are used more than plastic ones. 

3:What are the best brands that produce foosball table balls?

The best brands that produce the best foosball table balls are Tornado, Warrior, Kick, and Orlando.


Now as you have successfully reached the end of this article. We have made sure that there is no confusion for you to pick the best ball for playing. We have told you about the best features that are present in these balls. 

Such as their quality, design, style, and rigidness. Now it is up to you what would you like to buy for yourself to play.

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