The Best Darts for Beginners in 2023

To describe the best darts for beginners. You must first know about the game of darts and what are the main parts of darts. It is considered one of the world’s most popular games.

The game of darts is also used in tournaments at the international level. These tournaments are attended by players from around the world. To show the world their best skills.

A dart generally consists of 4 main parts. Which includes its tip, barrel, stem, and its flight. Due to its sharp tip, it can easily be attached to the target board. This darts game provides the ability to keep your mind fresh and active.

It generally includes the coordination of both hand and eye. Therefore, it allows you to fully focus on your target without any other resistance. There are various designs of the darts that come in different colors and features.

These features help you to sharpen your skills by practicing more and more. For your first professional darts. You will receive assistance in selecting the best darts within your price range.

As you already know that darts are a competitive game. Thus, you must require the best experience and skills to compete with other players. Now we will help you to select the best darts that can help improve your skills.

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Top 6 Best Darts for the Beginners

1. Red Dragon, Amber Jack 5 Dart Set

  • The material of the tip; is steel.
  • The weight of these darts; is 24g
  • Their shaft is; of Nitro tech.
  • The barrel is; of tungsten.

Additional features: they are available in black and orange designs.

These darts are known as the best functional darts. They come in a set of 3 darts wrapped in a plastic bag. These provide you with the best grip. Therefore, it is quite easy to use them even for the beginning level.

Talking about their external frame. They come in various designs and styles. The fact that they are so good at what they do attracts many people to them. They have a perfect throwing form because of their good composition materials.

The Red Dragon darts vary in weight from each other. They are easily available in every weight all over the world. Furthermore, its features make it a great game for players. 

The thing that people love about these darts is that their tips and barrel are made up of the best materials. While the thing that disappoints the people is their shaft. That generally breaks in a few throws.


  • Styles and designs are unique to them
  • The best grip is provided by these
  • Available in different weights


  • They can break after a few throws

2. Shot Darts Totem 3 Steel Tip Dart Set 

  • The dimensions of these darts; are ‎6.97 x 2.87 x 0.63 inches
  • The weight of these darts; is 27g
  • The material of the tip; is steel
  • The number of darts; is 3

Additional features: their stem is of aluminum, and they are made in New Zealand.

These darts are recognized as one of the best darts in the whole world. The throw of these darts can make you a professional player in no time. Therefore, these darts can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

This type of dart has the perfect grip. That allows both professionals and beginners to sharpen their skills more easily. The design of these darts is perfect. While they offer no resistance in the air because of their aerodynamics, and shape.

They offer more power to hit the target because of their heavy weight and steel tip. Their body is pretty thick or wide. They are the heaviest and most durable darts in the world. They are made up of unbreakable metals.

The best thing about these darts is that they are impossible to break with human force. While the thing that people do not like about them is they can easily hurt any person because of their sharp tips.


  • They are used for both indoor and outdoor gaming purposes
  • These are very strong and can not be broken
  • They have a lifetime guarantee


  • Their sharp tip can easily damage any person, especially children

3. Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten 16/18g Soft Tip Darts

  • The dimensions of these darts; are ‎3.2 x 2.6 x 1 inch
  • Each dart weighs 0.2 pounds
  • The barrel is; of tungsten
  • The shaft is; of diamond-cut aluminum

Additional features: they have only black color, warranty is up to 30 days.

There are only a few darts in the world that match the quality and standard of these darts. People from all across the world are quite interested to buy these darts. That increases their sales in online markets.

The barrel of these darts is made of aluminum. That provides the best aerodynamic performance and flow. So that these darts can easily achieve their targets without any resistance.

The viper diamond darts are light in weight. Therefore, they show the best flight. This is the reason they are used by professionals on the international level. Such as in the world tournaments. 

Through the manufacture of these darts, the competition in the dart game has increased to a greater level. People are buying these darts at a high rate.  To remain competitive with the professionals.

They provide you with the best grip, which is the best thing about these darts. It is not available in every country, which is one thing people dislike about these darts.


  • The dynamic balance of these is the best
  • High-quality materials are used in their construction
  • A perfect grip is provided by these


  • Some countries do not have access to them

4. Bottelsen 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart

  • The barrel is; of tungsten.
  • The dimensions are; ‎6.57 x 3.43 x 1.22 inches.
  • This dart weighs 0.55 pounds.
  • A shaft made of aluminum is used.

Their black color and USA manufacturing are additional features.

The bottles of tungsten darts are one of the best and most selling darts all across the world. The shaft of these darts is made up of aluminum. While the internal designs of these darts allow you to easily hit the target.

Talking about the frame of these darts, these are the unique ones. The company that makes these darts makes the perfect finger and thumb radius grips. These grips provide the best throw of these darts.

The grip is made up of shark skin sandpaper. That does not allow the slipping of these darts during the gameplay. The tungsten shaft proves the quality of these darts. Showing their strength and attractiveness.  

One of the best things about these darts is their strength and durability. They have the coolest design, and they do not break easily. While the thing that upsets people is that these are not used at professional levels.


  • These are very strong and durable
  • They have a cool design
  • They do not break easily


  • These are not used by professionals on the international level


5. Viper Blitz Tungsten Darts

  • The dimensions of these darts; are ‎7.2 x 3.3 x 1.8 inches
  • There are 0.6 pounds of weight in these darts
  • The size of these; is 22 g
  • The material of the barrel; is tungsten

There is only one color, black, on this shaft, and aluminum is the material used.

When it comes to competitive darts, look no further. You can choose this option if you are in that situation. These darts are used by professionals at the international level. Along with this, these are also used by beginners.

Nickel and tungsten are used in the barrels of these darts. Therefore, they are very dense and thick. All these darts are actually of the same size. Their quality and designs are also unique.

Talking their shaft is made up of aluminum. It also can rotate. The grip of these darts is made upon finger and thumb radius for perfect control over the throw. 

The good thing about these darts is they provide good grip as well as stable flight. While the thing that upsets people is that they are very expensive.


  • These are stable during the whole flight
  • They have the perfect grip
  • These provide you with the best balance


  • These are very costly

6. Dart World, 16 Grams Soft Tip Dart 

  • Tungsten is used to make the barrel
  • There is a weight of 0.31 kg for these darts
  • The dimension of these darts; is ‎7.76 x 4.92 x 1.61 inches
  • The outer case is; of galaxy metal

Additional features: the color is multicolor, and the grip is made up of a razor.

These types of darts provide you with real charm and relaxation. Therefore, these are considered to be the best darts to use as a beginner. The grip present on these darts is made from hundreds of tiny machine cuts.

This provides the best finger and thumb radius grip for all users. Talking about the quality and design of these darts. They are the number 1 selling products in the whole market.

In addition to being used indoors, these can also be used outdoors. Their outer frame is made up of metals that do not break easily. That is why these darts have the highest compositional value all over the market. 

These darts are fairly affordable, which is another plus. While the thing that upsets most people is that these darts are not available in every country across the world.


  • The materials used in these are very durable and strong
  • The design and style of these are aesthetic
  • They are quite affordable
  • They provide you with the best design


  • Some countries do not sell these

Best Darts for Beginners | Things to Consider

Before you buy these darts, you must know about their features. Therefore, we discussed all their features with you. Now let our buying guide help you. So that you can buy the best dart for yourself.

Main features that you should know about

There are various features present in these darts. The following is a brief description of some of their main features. That will surely help you in buying these darts.

1. Tip of these Darts

Talking about the tip of these darts. There are 2 types of these tips. Steel is used in one, while plastic is used in the other. Which you know as the soft one. Both of these have their functions in this game.

The steel is used for heavy darts. These are the most strong and most durable. Therefore, they do not break easily. There is no change in their shape even if they are used for years. These can easily damage any person on a wrong throw during the gameplay.

For light darts, soft darts are used. These are little cheap ones. They are not often used. These can not damage any person. They have no great balance during the throw.

This is why these are not used at professional levels. However, they have great importance for beginners of this game.

2. Weight of the Darts

There are many types of darts and all of them have different weights. Some are lighter, while some are heavier. The lighter darts are always used by beginners for developing their skills more and more.

While heavy darts are used by professional players on the international level. These are used by professionals because one wrong throw can easily hurt any person present, there.

3: Barrel and Shaft

The barrel and the shaft are the 2 main parts of the dart. The barrel used in them is mostly made up of metals. Such as brass, silver, nickel, and tungsten. Where tungsten is the most expensive and the strongest one.

Nylon, plastic, and aluminum make up the shaft. The strongest aluminum to use is aluminum.


What are the best 3 brands that produce these Darts?

The best brands that produce these are Viper, Harrows, and Bottles. In modern times, darts are the most popular products.

What is the average weight of the best Darts?

The average weight that every best-selling dart posses are about 22-26 grams. These weights have a lot of effects on the gameplay.

What are the best Darts that a beginner should use?

The Same top steel-Tipped beginner’s set is considered to be the best dart for beginners. As it provides all features to them.

How to choose the best Dart for professional players?

The best way of choosing a perfect dart for professionals depends upon their weight. The heavier the dart is, the better it is for professional plays. 


As of now, you have successfully reached the bottom of our article. You have learned about all the best types of darts. The best items of these products have been selected by us.

This means you must choose the product that is right for you. Having fun and sharpening your skills will allow you to get the most out of your time. So, you could also participate at a higher level in this game.

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