Best Atomic Foosball Tables in 2022

Atomic foosball is one of the best indoor games discovered in the 1800s. This game of atomic foosball increases the level of your skill and interest in the foosball game. It was created by Harold Thorton by using a box of matches. Later on, this game became one of the most famous games all over the world. 

Atomic foosball is an international game that is played by professionals in different tournaments across the world. The tables generally used in this game have unique qualities. These tables are stylish, lightweight, modern, durable, and balanced from all sides.

Some of these tables have a special LED feature that allows you to play foosball even when it’s dark. There is an electronic goal counting machine present in these tables that counts all the goals by itself.

All of these cool features attract all types of customers. While companies always make sure that you are feeling comfortable when you buy such products. From 1927 TOY COMPANY and INDIAN ARCHER are the 2 largest sources of these tables.

Along with these foosball tables, these companies are also responsible for the production of table tennis, pool tables, and e.t.c. These companies always say confidently that no matter what you play, our brand always delivers seriously.



  • Dimensions of the table;56 x 31.25 x 34.75 inches
  • Weight of the table;116 pounds
  • Material of rod; steel is used
  • The total size of the field; is 56 inches

FURTHER FEATURES: four balls are used; handles are made up of wood; the cabinet is composed of wood; legs are laminated; cup holders are also present.

The atomic gladiator foosball table is one of the biggest selling items in the world’s market.

This table is widely characterized by its long life span, strength to withstand any kind of force, durability, well-organized playing field, and its composition from the top tier products.

This table allows every player to enjoy his time in this game by providing him with the best facilities. The rods used for the tables are made up of steel. These rods show very smooth movement due to the nylon bushing present on them.

The handles of the rods have a wooden grip which helps you control every angle of your shoot. The legs of this table are quite adjustable. All these features make this table the best item on the market.

The total length of this table is about 56 inches. While each player on this table gets 2 themes which are RED and BLACK. These themes generally differentiate between the 2 players, making them  2 teams. 

The only thing that most people do not like about this table is its price. This table costs about $500. This huge amount of money is not affordable for many people. On the hand, this table is not counterbalanced. Therefore, it is not used in any tournaments around the world.


  • It includes cup holders.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • Its rods have wooden handles that do not slip from the hands.
  • It includes smooth gameplay due to its aesthetic manufacture.


  • It is not counterbalanced, and thus cannot be used in tournaments.
  • Likewise, it is very heavy, so it is much more difficult to transport it to different places.


  • Dimensions of the table;55 x 30.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight of the table; 60 lbs
  • Size of the field;56 inches
  • The material of the rods; is made up of hollow chrome steel

FURTHER FEATURES: the legs of this table are quite heavy, 4 balls are used, internal ball return is present, players have robot style, and the manual scoring system is also present.

The atomic pro foosball tables are no doubt one of the best gaming tables, both for professionals and beginners. These tables are the best products in the foosball scenario since it was discovered. 

The good thing about this table is that it is pretty affordable. Those other tables are very expensive as compared to this one. That is the reason this table is highly recommended for you, whether you are improving your skills or passing your time.

The construction of these tables is quite impressive. Its legs are very heavy, which in turn support the whole table. These legs are responsible to maintain stability during the gameplay. These legs have foot pads that do not damage the floor.

The size of the playfield of these tables is about 56 inches. As a result, they provide the best gaming experience. The designs of these tables are various in numbers that provide an aesthetic feeling. Therefore, they attract many customers.

The panel of these tables is made up of stainless steel. While the handles of the rods have a rubber grip. This grip easily allows controlling the movement of the shooter. All of these features provide the best gaming experience and fair gameplay.


  • It is not costly. Thus, can be afforded easily.
  • Its legs are quite heavy. Therefore, it provides an even game.
  • It can be used by both beginners and professionals.
  • The materials used in its construction are durable.


  • Its balance is not maintained because its leg levelers are very small.
  • It takes a large time to assemble these tables.


  • The field size of these tables; is 47  to 27 inches
  • Materials of the rods; steels rods are used
  • The total weight of these tables; is 116.7 pounds
  • Dimensions of these tables; 58.2 x 30.8 x 34.4 inches

FURTHER FEATURES: a blue color LED light is used in these tables, it has an automatic goal counting mechanism, and it is used at arcade levels.

The atomic azure LED light-up foosball tables are one of the highest-rated gaming tables all over the world. The main reason behind the popularity of these tables is their LED feature. This feature allows the whole table to glow at once.

This blue light from the LED makes a relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, these tables can be used at the arcade level or for night play. There is an in-game music feature already installed in these tables. This makes a player more and more interested in the gameplay.

The playfield of these tables is quite small as compared to the other tables. But this does not affect the real gameplay. These tables have an automatic goal counting machine that prevents any kind of cheating while playing.

The rods used for these tables are made up of steel. Unfortunately, the materials used in the construction of the other parts of the tables are unknown.

However, this does not change the course of the game. All the gameplay is smooth and quite enjoyable. Therefore, it is also recommended by the professionals themselves.


  • It is not costly. Thus, can be easily afforded by everyone.
  • It has a very aesthetic design to attract more people.
  • The LED light used in these tables glows up the whole table.
  • The light and sound both excite the players.


  • The quality of the table is not good.
  • These tables have poor scoring systems.


  • Dimensions of these tables;28.75 x 58.75 x 34.5 inches
  • Materials of the rods; steel chrome rods
  • The color of these tables; is usually black
  • Number of the rods;8 rods are used

FURTHER FEATURES: MDF base material is used, rubber griped handles are generally used in these tables, 1.5 inches of leg levelers are present in them, and they are always assembled.

These atomic euro star foosball tables are known as the finest European foosball tables. These tables have the highest demand at the international level. This type of table is designed especially for teenagers. So that they can sharpen their skills. 

These foosball tables have excellent quality as compared to the American ones. They have fantastic ball control features. Along with the cork-style balls. The handles used for these tables are octagonal. While they are coated with soft rubber for perfect grip.

These foosball tables have cup holders that prevent the spilling of drinks during gameplay. The scoring feature in them is present in the Abacus style. Thus, a ball can easily entire or return on the pitch. 

The leg levelers of these tables are approximately 1.5 inches. This provides stability during a hard gaming session. The playing field is so smooth that it lessens the resistance very much. 

Because of all these brilliant features, these tables are now used in homes, offices, bars, and e.t.c. Talking about the design of these tables. Their exterior is black, which adds an aesthetic look to their frame. This excites the players to spend more time on this game.


  • The design of these tables is very attractive.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • Their grip is very strong as they are coated with rubber.


  • It is very costly.
  • There are no instructions to assemble these tables.


Foosball is known as one of the biggest games in the world. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular among people. The companies such as ATOMIC always produce the best quality products. So that they can attain the belief of their customers. 

These companies know very well how they can keep their client happy with their products. Therefore, you should always be careful about the selection of your foosball tables.

Our buying guide will help you to choose the best atomic foosball tables that can last up to years.


The foosball game provides you with a lot of benefits. First, its fantastic design can easily add beauty to your room, office, or bar. This attracts all people, making the table the center of attention for everyone.

These tables help you to pass your free time enjoyably. It helps you to carry any type of social engagement in your home. It supports teamwork because without your partner you cannot win this game.

It acts as a source of communication. Without talking or taking instructions from your partner, you cannot defeat your opposition. This game helps you to maintain your health, as it involves the movement of both your body and brain. This in turn boosts up your body, and you feel more and more active.


There are a lot of cool features that force you to buy these fantastic foosball tables. Here are a few main features of these tables.


The dimensions of any product are very essential to know to buy its perfect-sized piece. These tables occupy limited space in your homes, offices, and bars. The dimensions of these Atomic foosball tables are 56 x 31.25 x 34.75 inches. Therefore, these can take up half of the room easily. 

The foosball tables having these dimensions are known to be the perfect size tables for your home, offices, and e.t.c. This type of table is also used for business classes when there is any social engagement.


The playing field is the most important part of any foosball table. This field is the place where all sort of action takes place. These may be larger or smaller. However, the average size is considered to be the best one. 

The total size of the field is about 29 to 30 inches. Its length is approximately 56 inches. Only tables with LED features have a small field, having a size of 47 to 26 inches.


The weight of these foosball tables is not constant. All tables have different weights. As we know, stability also depends on weight. 

Therefore, the more heavy the table, the more stable it is. It is because this game involves a lot of movement that can unstable a lightweight table.


The rods used for these foosball tables are the key to defeating your opposition in this game. You can say that these rods are the main source of your performance. 

These rods are made up of steel along with chrome covering. This makes them a little litter. Therefore, they can easily be moved to select various angles for your shoot. These rods are strong, durable, and very appealing to the eye.


The legs of these tables provide you with the best stability during gameplay. These are hard, strong, and rigid. Therefore, it allows you to have your best gaming experience. 

The atomic foosball tables include laminated legs that ensure that you can have the best stability to carry your game to the next level or to enhance your skills.


1. What are the tips to buy the best foosball tables?

To buy the best foosball table, you should first know the best brand, then you should get the heaviest one or the one with thick side walls

2. What is the cost of the best foosball tables?

The best foosball tables will cost you around $4000. But you can also find out a decent table from $700 to $1100.

3. What could be the dimension of the best foosball table?

The best foosball table must be 48-56 inches in length, 29-31 inches in width, and 34-36 inches in height.


We have now reviewed the best foosball tables in all the world, having numerous great features. These tables without any doubt can be considered the best gaming tables. That provides you with the best experience.

These tables are strong, durable, rigid, and resistant-free. Along with this, these have automatic goal-scoring features. Now it is up to you what would you like to buy for yourself.

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